Local Skiers, Property Taxes and $10.00 Parking

by   Clayton Moore and the Fans of Paul Harvey

Outrage at next Ski Seasons new $10.00 skier parking at Beaver Creek!

Here is the rest of the story, (Fishwrap letter writer – see below) – Mr. Joe Drew!

Fact:  The Goal of all Private Sector companies (including Vail Resorts) is Profitability.

Now consider Mr. Drew what “Eagle County’s – Majority Voter” has just done (May 2016) to Beaver Creek (sans: Vail Resorts) Profitability.

Fact:  The Beaver Creek Resort is located inside the Eagle County Ambulance District and Contracts with the Eagle River Fire Protection District.

Fact:  In a Special Property Tax election (May 2016) Eagle County (Majority Voters) approved a large Property Tax increase for both Taxing Districts.  Where do you live Mr. Drew?  What will your (landlord?) do to your monthly Rent – when he gets his next Property Tax bill?

Fact:  Eagle County Tax Assessor (Mark Chapin) will tell you that Commercial Properties (read: Beaver Creek) in Colorado are Property Taxed at a higher rate (29%) than Residential Properties (7.96%).

Fact:  Additionally, and in the Spring of 2014 – our Eagle River Water and Sanitationempty-wallet_thumb District – inflicted an additional $25 Million Dollars (in new Bonded Debt) on their Customers in that District.  Beaver Creek – Mr. Joe Drew is also a member of that Taxing District as well.  District Voters also approved transforming that original “Revenue Bond” (secured by monthly bills) into a new General Obligation Bond, now assessed as an additional Property Tax to District Customers.  Did we mention the (29%) Mr. Drew?

HUH?  Only $10.00 more per day for Skier Parking?

DISCLAIMER:  The ECT folks Ski Beaver Creek too, and don’t like this new Parking Fee anymore than you do.  ECT is no “special pleader” for Vail Resorts.

Now Consider this – Mr. Joe Drew!

Fact:  Our Eagle County Public School District has already threatened Eagle County Property Taxpayers with a $148 Million Dollar (total) Property Tax Ballot Question(s) this November 2016.  Beaver Creek and VAIL are both inside the Eagle County Public School District.

Now Mr. Drew – should the Eagle County Voters, vote to approve that additional $148 Million Dollars of new Property Taxes – this November 2016 – just imagine what the Cost of an EpicMix Ski Pass – might be – in addition to (even higher?) Skier Parking Charges at Beaver Creek.  And, oh yeah…you’re going to pay those new/additional Property Taxes – directly or through your Rent.


Mr. Drew, the ECT respects your command of the King James Bible (Mark:  Chapter 8, Verse 36-37) – it is your lack of knowledge about how Business and Taxation works – that really alarms the ECT.

Your personal outrage is very understandable Mr. Drew – your anger however is mis-directed – it’s not VR that is DIRECTLY responsible – it’s your Eagle County Liberal Voters – you can thank for this one…Do you believe VR will be the only Eagle County Business raising their rates, to deal with all this new confiscatory Taxation?

Welcome to Eagle County 2016 Mr. Drew – You’re just starting too “Feel the Bern”…



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