Eagle County’ Colorado’s – Current Payroll

by  Clayton Moore

EC-LogoEagle County’s Government Payroll was published last week – and the ECT folks – bet you didn’t even notice…Now did you?

Well the ECT certainly did.  (Click Here) to download the entire salary list by name and department.  Remember, you can ENLARGE the (print) PDF file and the ECT made sure you can “search on it too” using your Adobe PDF Reader.   No info to report on additional “County Benefits” these folks are also earning each day.


CAUTION:  You need to understand how to work with these documented numbers!

EXERCISE:  Take the Printed number (divide by 2) then (multiply by 26 weeks).

Highlights?  (well the ECT supposes) that depends on “who” you ask…

Our County Commissioners?  $72,500.00/yr – yet their office Admin (an especially nice lady) is currently making – $83,412.16/yr.  ECT regrets to report this nice lady is leaving to retire with hubby – to a nice home in Evergreen, Colorado…

Eagle County Regional Airport?  Top of the “food chain” Administrator – Greg Phillips – $158,564.64/yr.   You remember Greg (don’t you?)  Greg helped make sure we all get to pay for (close in) Parking at our (formerly free parking) Eagle County Regional Airport.

Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s Office –  Plenty of folks in EC Clerk –  Teak Simonton’s office that make more than our Clerk, TEAK!  Teak’s salary (as well as all Colorado – County Clerks salaries) set by State Statute.

Eagle County’s own “Open Space” Director – Toby Sprunk – $112,343.66/yr – Recall his Job is to hand out (some times MILLIONS) in Taxpayer Funds – “to protect land” you and your family CAN’T FIND, CAN’T USE, and mostly CAN’T ACCESS inside Eagle County.  This guy has been the best friend Eagle County’s Ranching Community has ever had.  At the Taxpayers, expense of course.

EC’s Executive Director of Human Services (a.k.a. – Dept. of Government Give-a-ways) Ms. Jone Marie Bosworth – $128,750.18/yr.   If you are indigent, have no job, and no healthcare insurance – well it’s Ms. Bosworth’s department – that is your new “best friend”.   The folks that work in Ms. Bosworth’s department have the title “Economic Services Specialist” – AND THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM TOO!

The ECT could go on and on…and you wonder WHY your Taxes keep going up?  Affordable Housing?  For who?

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