Photos – Inside the new Medical Office Building

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

OK.  The ECT will show you the “inside story” of the new Medical Office Building in Avon.  Scroll down to see all the ECT photos.

Plenty of good competitive (medical services) News to share.  Centura Heath’s (Urgent Care) and (Emergency Room) opened for business this past week – July 13th 2016.  Their new Emergency Room entrance is on the right side of the Building (north side – opposite I-70).


Centura’s  new front Lobby


ER and Urgent Care Entrance – located near the East Side’s parking lot


Centura Health now offers competitive medical imaging services with their brand new CT Scanner in Avon.  ECT was given and exclusive “walk through and photo shoot” from Ms. Sara Muntz of the – handling some of the PR duties for Centura.  Kaiser Permanente did not have a CT Scanner in their new facility in Edwards – as of Spring 2016.IMG_6809

Centura also has a special “Pediatrics Exam Room” available for both Urgent and Emergency Room patients.  It’s replete with images on the wall normally found just up the road at Walking Mountains…


Today, all of Centura’s offices and Medical equipment is on the 1st Floor including traditional X-Ray imaging as well.


A brand new Medical Services Lab is also onsite for Centura Health patients.


Meanwhile…Colorado Mountain Medical has moved their entire (formerly) Edwards based office into Avon – in the same Building as Centura.  CMM is leasing their new space (exclusively on the 2nd floor) from the Nexcore Group – who built the new building.  (click on the photo below to enlarge it)


CMM new Patient Reception area – just off the buildings Elevators on the 2nd Floor


Coming Soon – will be the Kidney Center of the Rockies with full Dialysis capability – no need to drive to Denver anymore.  The 3rd floor of the new Medical Building is currently un occupied.


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