Biker Safety in Avon? – NOT!

by  Clayton Moore

The Town of Avon – has done it again!

In their stated effort to make Avon a “bike friendly” area “downtown” – this is what they claim improves Biker Safety.  The Public Works department at the Town of Avon “restriped” the streets of downtown Avon this past week (20JUL2016).  Is this some sort of bad Joke?  (Photo – looking West in front of Avon’s Christy Lodge – headed into the main Avon Round-a-bout)


Just exactly what is a Biker (a family biking through Avon?) supposed to do to navigate the main Round-a-bout, safely?  Just exactly “WHO” at the Town of Avon – thinks this improves Biker Safety?  Avon Town Manager – Virginia Egger?  (W 748.4000)  Avon Public Works Director – Gary Padilla? (W 748.4000)  Avon’s Acting Police Chief – Greg Daly?  (W 748.4040) (Avon’s Town Council? (  Avon’s Planning and Zoning Board?

The good news?  There are (3) Avon Town Council seats up for election this November 2016.  Isn’t it time in Avon – for more reasonable and aware people to hold Public Office?  Contact the ECT.  Please read Avon Biker Ms. Joyce Pfaff’s letter below from this weekends Daily Fishwrap.


The redesign should also reduce confusing driving patterns and simplify roundabout passage.  Avon Council member Megan Burch stated, “Currently, the street doesn’t have enough crosswalks or clear and sufficient demarcations between the sidewalk, parking spots, bike lane and road.  For the well-being of our locals and visitors, we are making changes to ensure the road is safe and welcoming to all users.”


One response

  1. Wait until winter when the snow and ice that is sheltered by the Sheraton covers this Picasso-road design. The entire town staff should quit without pension or severance pay, except for receiving electroshock therapy. I think the town has a guy from Phoenix. Someone should tell him that it snows here! A lot! Dillon tried diagonal parking to increase capacity, and it has not gone well. Imagine Avon’s “reverse diagonal” parking with drivers forced to back into oncoming traffic. Most people can’t navigate the post office or City Market. Insurance companies should withdraw policy coverage from Avon.

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