Choice Words & Road Weary in Downtown Avon

Insiders know where to look to find the online Comments.

If you’d like to read what (many folks) have to say about the new road work in Avon (July 2016) – all you have to do is to travel into   online.  Don’t worry, if you don’t have a Facebook Account – it’s FREE to create one online.

Plenty of Choice Words there on Facebook.  These days Facebook Comments (seem to be replacing?)  Letters to the Editor.  Well…You Decide.

How to find them?  Once logged into Facebook – use search at the top of Facebook and go to the Vail Daily Facebook page….


Once there – use the “Search Field” (see below) on the Vail Daily Facebook page….Type in the word AVON – then hit enter.  The online Facebook posts will appear as shown below.


Here you go (below) with a VERY SMALL SAMPLE of the Comments from folks who drive the streets in Avon and use the Avon Post Office – now 50% BLOCKED for Traffic in and out of the Post Office.Choice-Words-TOA-Streets-31JUL2016

So how might Shakespeare describe a bike ride on their Roads today ?  Well…(Hamlet – Act 1, Scene 4)  Perhaps like this:    “There’s something Rotten in Avon…”

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