Bambi and friends vs. Local Mountain Bikers

HUH?  Bambi and friends vs. Local Mountain Bikers?

It’s True.  And Colorado’s Department of Wildlife is involved as well.


(Click Here) to read the DOW report – about the plan to encroach/severely impact even more Mountain Bike Trails into the Wildlife Habitat in Avon’s (WildRidge) neighborhood.

Bottom Line:  The DOW report IS NOT in favor of all the new/additional proposed Mountain Bike Trails.

The so called “Lower WildRidge” is a favorite playground for local Mountain Bikers offering current Bike Trails from our Valley Floor to roughly “Mid-WildRidge” about 500 Feet above the Valley Floor.

The proposed plan currently under review by Avon’s (Planning and Zoning Commission) includes expanding several Mountain Bike Trails to the top of WildRidge and higher!


Wildlife has always been a part of living in and around this Avon neighborhood.  Whether it’s Mule Deer during the day or nocturnal Bobcats in your WildRidge back yard – there can be little doubt – that more Bike Trails will not improve the Habitat for these indigenous animals.  If you would like to support this Wildlife Habitat in Avon – please plan to attend Avon’s (Planning and Zoning Meeting) this Tuesday, August 16th 2016 – starting at 5PM at the Avon Municipal Building.  Public Input is first up at this meeting.  Make your voice heard and defend our Natural Wildlife Habitat in WildRidge!

Wildlife Photo Disclaimer:  All Wildlife Photos here were taken in WildRidge on both WildRidge Road (east) and Bear Trap.

(Photo Credit – Rick Spitzer – for more info (Click Here)



2 responses

  1. Please stay on the paths already designated for you bike riders! People moved here for the wildlife and Mother Nature, not to see bike riders. We can see that in the city.

    ECO Trails – Eagle County
    (image is a bike and rider btw)
    Eagle County, Colorado
    The regional trail system encompasses 63 miles from Vail Pass to Glenwood Canyon…

  2. Houston, we have a problem! Holy crap. The anger and bitterness on display from a diverse group of standing room only residents was quite the scene. We may have witnessed a critical phase transition as simmering frustrations over the feeding frenzy that threatens the character of our mountain sanctuary reached a boiling point last night. Stay tuned for social unrest and legal drama in happy valley!

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