From the Street

Quote of the Week:  If you ever feel completely useless…just remember somebody else was chosen as the LifeGuard at the Olympic Swimming Events!

Eagle County Healthcare:   If you and your family have ever felt “fleeced” by what the Vail Hospital charges for Medical Services – you’re not alone.

In Fact, there is a new (local) website you might want to visit and keep track of….


They’ve cataloged (Vail Valley Medical Center – Vail Hospital) Financials – Payroll numbers for their top Administrators and an area where you can “speak your mind” online.  ECT tip:  Check it out.   The money you may save – will stay with your Family and your Business.

Time for some “Churchin’ Up” Eagle County Taxpayers!

St. Clare Parish in Edwards – dedicated their new Grotto this past Sunday.

ECT folks considered this fact – an undisputed MIRACLE in our Community

How So?

1 –  New Grotto – Constructed and Built at ZERO cost to the Eagle County Taxpayer

2 – No demands for additional “affordable housing” were made during Construction

3 –  There is PLENTY OF FREE PARKING in front of the new Grotto

4 –  It’s 100% FREE -You don’t need an EpicMix Ski Pass nor Parking Permit to visit and enjoy it.

ECT believes the Town of Vail Planners (might?) benefit from the example of St. Clare’s…  For more Photos of the Dedication (Click Here)   -CM


 How Does Beaver Creek’s Ambassador to Fun (Helmut Fricker) – “Warm Up” for next months OctoberFest Event?

Answer:  He takes a break for some scrumptious Gelato from Beaver Creek’s Rimini Shop on a warm August afternoon!  Yummy!




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