Vail’s 50th Birthday – in Photos

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

How to Look Good – after 50 Years in Vail?

Answer:  Hang Out with Photogenic  Tricia Swenson, that’s how!

Nobody knows that better than current Vail Town Manager (Left – Stan Zemler and Right – KZYR’s Tony Mauro – MC of Vail’s Birthday Events at Donovan Park last evening!


Town of Vail’s Staff also made sure Birthday Party  attendees – could have their Cupcakes and Eat ‘em too!


Former Vail Mayor – Rod Slifer was on hand showing off his “parade wave”

No doubt about it – Rod is the original “Lifer at Slifer” 


Under the watchful eyes of Merv Lapin…Vail’s first resident Doctor – Tom Steinberg (foreground) was in attendance too.  Yes, that’s Dr. Jack Eck standing to the left of Merv Lapin, right behind Dr. Tom.


Here are a few more of the ECT’s favorite photos from Vail’s Birthday Party!


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