EC School Board vs. your EpicMix Ski Pass

by Clayton Moore

It’s True.

Cause and Effect is a business Reality.  No one Escapes.

ECT has been told that the proposed – November 2016 – (2) Tax Ballot Questions from our Eagle County Public School District – Totaling $152 Million Dollars in Additional Taxes (Click Here) – is the largest proposed Tax Increase in the history of Eagle County, Colorado.

Now the ECT will tell you what our School Board and Educators – are not talking about.

Cause and Effect.

Dateline:  May 2016 – Eagle County, Colorado.  May Voters, voted to approve (2) Property Tax increases – (Amby District & Eagle County Fire Protection District) totaling ~$30 Million Dollars.  Both Tax Districts serve the Interests of Vail Resorts and other Commercial/Residential property owners in their District’s.  Recall Commercial Property in Colorado is Taxed at 29% and Residential Property at 7.96%.  (Click Here)

A Timely Coincidence?  You decide.  Shortly after Voters, voted to increase the cost of doing business (ref: VR’s annual Property Tax Bill) for Vail Resorts (read:  in Beaver Creek), Beaver Creek announced that they will be charging for formerly FREE, Skier Parking this year – at $10.00/car.  Of note – no one will “experience” this May 2016 Property Tax increase – until your new Tax Bill arrives in January 2017!  Ski Season starts in late November…have your $10.00 ready!

FACT:  All of the Commercial Property that Vail Resorts owns in Eagle County – is inside our Public School District – Vail, Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead…

The unanswered question:  What will likely be the future cost increase of an EagleJason-Glass-EpicMix-Final-28AUG2016 County annual “EpicMix Ski Pass” – should voters approve the $152 Million Dollars in additional Property Taxes billed to VR and everyone else who owns Property inside our School District?  Will BC’s Skier Parking – see another increase above $10.00?

More (unintended?) consequences:  Consider a local Business – say “the Bookworm” – the nice book store in Edwards…What happens to the cost of the books you might buy there – when the Bookworm’s Landlord – inevitably, increases their Rent?  Ditto for your favorite Restaurant and their prices…

Cause and Effect.

To Date our School District and Tax Supporters – are ONLY focused on the effects the Tax Increase will have on our Public Schools – NOT on the inevitable effect this $152 Million Dollar Tax increase will have on our Community’s Economy, Citizens and local Businesses.

Next time you’re speaking to a School Board member – ask them how this massive Tax Increase is enhancing the cause of – more “affordable housing” in Eagle County today.


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