EC Sheriff James van Beek – High Roller Week

by  the fans of Facebook

When he’s not busy putting the bad guys in Jail – Eagle County Sherriff James van  Beek is busy hangin’ with the High Rollers.  That’s Jame’s wife Carrie, on the right making sure the Donald behaves himself.  On the left?  James showing V.P Candidate and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that white hair complements a Red Tie – quite nicely.  The ECT will insist that the Trump/Pence ticket has no problem in the company of Law Enforcement.  Their opponents?  Well…much more likely to be seen running away from Law Enforcement…and any new Congressional Hearings.

Other interesting News?    What you may not know is…the number of times Trump’s


Boeing 757-200    (  N757AF  )  has visited here at our Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE) over the last couple of years.  (Click on the graphics below to enlarge them)  By the ECT’s count about (5) visits to KEGE and about (4) high altitude – flybys over Eagle County, Colorado.  Yes, the ECT has friends who have built an ADS-B Radio aircraft Tracking system (ECT calls it a digital “Trump Tracker”).



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