From the Street

Literally…From the Street

The Good News is…there are (3) Town of Avon City Council seats up for grabs this November 2016.

Let’s hope the Avon Voters – make better choices than the last time Avon Voters – went to the Polls…Print

If you think traffic and PARKING in Avon is difficult now…just wait for late November 2016 when Beaver Creek – starts charging $10.00/day for Skier Parking…You can bet a Ski “boot” won’t be the only kind of “boot” seen in Avon Parking Lots this Ski Season…

Special ECT thanks to Don Sidle for his Illustration on the state of Avon’s Streets and the folks who brought you that mess…

You can see more of Don’s humor in action at Don’s Illustrator Web Site (Click Here)

Q.) – Is there “nothing” this Avon Town Council (and Town Manager) can’t touch – and MAKE WORSE?  Apparently Not.  Click on the Graphic below to read today’s (29AUG2016) Story.


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