Shocking! School District Ballot Language!

by  Clayton Moore

Dateline:  Monday, September 19th 2016 – Eagle County, Colorado

Eagle County’s Official November 8th 2016 BALLOT LANGUAGE was emailed to the this morning – by Eagle County Clerk and Recorder – Teak Simonton.

The entire Eagle County, Colorado Ballot is (5) pages long.  (Click Here)

ECT was shocked at the Official Ballot Language from our Eagle County School District!

There IS NOT one word in any of their Ballot Language that guarantees our local Public School Teachers will be getting any pay raise at all!

FACT:  There are (2) Ballot Questions from the School District (totaling $152 Million Dollars) in additional Property Taxes.

Question 3A – (Click Here) Requesting $8 Million Dollars of additional/annual Property Taxes (each successive year) forever .

Question 3B – (Click Here) Requesting an additional $144 Million Dollars in new Property Taxes (actual repayment cost of $233 Million)

Indeed, if the intent of our elected School Board – was to make sure our local Teachers were to receive a pay raise – why didn’t our Board (who voted to approve this Ballot Language) – SPECIFCALLY DEFINE THAT IN THEIR LANGUAGE?

Keep in mind Eagle County Voter – you are voting on the BALLOT LANGUAGE – not some person, nor groups “intentions”.

Please leave the a comment about this issue – just click the “comment” word to the left of this story.  You can (Click On) the graphic below.













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