ECT Supports our Public School District – Do YOU?

by  Clayton Moore

For as long as the ECT folks have lived here (20+ years) we have been (and continue to be) strong supporters of our Eagle County Public School District.

In fact – the ECT has put together a small survey of questions – to determine if (you too) are a strong supporter!

Let’s Begin…

Fact:  The Majority of the Property Taxes we all pay in Eagle County today – goes to Funding Public School Education.

1 –  Have you paid your Property Taxes (on time and in full) for each year you’ve owned your Eagle County Property?

2 –  Give yourself Extra Credit if you also own Commercial Property – because Commercial Property is Taxed at a 29% Rate vs. Residential at 7.96%

3 – If you are a RENTER – have you always paid your Rent – on time and in full?  Because your Landlord is responsible to pay the Property Taxes on the property that you Rent!

4 –  Has the Property you own (Commercial or Residential) seen an INCREASE in your Properties “assessed value” over the last several years?  Simply put a “higher assessed value” on your Property – results in Higher Property Taxes you pay – Guaranteed!  Have you paid your Increased Property Taxes on time and in full?

Well – if you, your Family and your Eagle County Business has answered YES to these questions – then the FACT IS – you too are a strong and consistent supporter of our Public School System!

Don’t let anyone in support of $152 Million Dollars of New/Additional Property Taxes in Eagle County (Ballot Questions 3A & 3B) – TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT!!!



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