VVMC – No longer Redacted

by  long time Eagle County local – Chris Neuswanger

Chris Neuswanger’s excellent report to our Community about the (decades long) business practices of the Vail Valley Medical Center (read: Vail Hospital) appeared in the Vail Daily this past Saturday, September 24 2016  (Click Here).

Chris (and the ECT) wanted our Community to have access to his original UNREDACTED report – before the edit team at the Daily – had their way with it.  Recall that VVMC is one of the largest paid print advertisers at the Daily…

Chris-Neuswanger-15MAY2016Chris’s Background:  Chris is a local Mortgage Banker and is use to reading Tax Returns and Financial Statements every day of the week.  He’s very skilled with Accounting.  Chris spent several weeks working on his report and met with the principals (Board Members) at VVMC more than once – to ask direct questions about their Accounting/Reporting and Business Practices – that have resulted in making Eagle County, Colorado the highest cost Health Insurance area in the United States.

To read Chris’s UNREDACTED report to our Community (Click Here) and share with your friends you feel might also be interested.

Chris also has a web site devoted to this topic (read: continuing discussion) of the Vail Valley Medical Center – and their business practices.  Chris has an online Petition you can sign there if you choose.   You can visit Chris’s web site –  here – www.VVMCmoney.com or just (Click Here)

-Clayton Moore

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