Dirty Little Secret – in Ballot Issue (1A)

by  Clayton Moore

If you’re still wondering how a Ballot Issue (1A) is going to promote more “Affordable Housing” here in Eagle County (by Raising Taxes even higher)…the ECT this week – will ask you to consider ANOTHER FACT about Ballot Issue – (1A).  Per the highlighted Ballot Language below…some of this proposed new Tax Money – can be used to “Acquire Land for Future Housing Units”.


Ballot-Issue-1A-ExposedDoesn’t Eagle County (already) have a Tax – an “Open Space” Tax – uniquely designed to take Millions of your Tax Money – for the sole purpose of removing Developable Land off the Market – to be permanently used as Eagle County “Open Space”?

Fact is:  Eagle County Employee (Toby Sprunk) is Eagle County’s “Open Space” Director at over $100K/year!  (Click Here).  Toby isn’t going anywhere as far as the ECT knows – and neither is Toby’s “Open Space Tax” you’re already paying!  Regardless if (1A) passes or not – you’re going to keep paying Taxes for more Eagle County “Open Space”.

Does this (1A) Ballot Issue make any sense to you – Eagle County Taxpayer?  Pay an existing Tax for more “Open Space” at the same time – you’re being asked to pay a NEW TAX designed to buy land – to put Affordable Housing on it?  Honestly, who thinks is is a good idea?  Rod Serling?  Seriously, the ECT is only asking Eagle County voters to THINK ABOUT what you are being asked to pay for.

ECT’s Advice:  Don’t be a “Dummy”.  Understand what you’re being asked to Vote and then Pay for.  Read the Ballot Language.


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