Eagle County Treasurers Office – Weighs In

by  Clayton Moore

Weights In…On what ECT?

This past week our Eagle County Treasurer’s Office – published a Public Record Document – aimed at promoting their annual “Tax Sale”.

The ECT has given a Name to their Document:  The OFFICIAL list of all Eagle County Businesses and Individuals “least likely to Vote for any new Tax Increase”.

You see, all the names and businesses on the Treasurers (just published) list have the same thing in common:  They are all currently DELIQUENT paying their (current/last years) Eagle County Property Taxes.  (Click Here)

Per Colorado State Statute – all County’s in Colorado can (and do) hold an annual “Tax Sale”.  This is the time of year when any (individual or business) can buy (read: pay someone else’s) Delinquent Property Tax bill.

Why would someone take the time (and their cash) to do that?

Answer:  Because (this year) our Office of the Treasurer (like all Colorado) Counties can legally promise the “investor” a 10% return on their money.  That’s Why.

Background:  Any Property that has a “Tax Lien” against it – cannot have the ownership/title/deed transferred to a new individual (read: new owner) or business until the current “Tax Lien” has been paid for.  Plus 10%…at least in this year.

Contact the Eagle County Treasurer’s Office – for more information.  (Click Here)



2 responses

    • TF, the ECT report this week on Delinquent Property Tax payers in Eagle County, Colorado – DOES CONTAIN all the names of individuals and local Businesses! Just go to the first (Click Here) in our Report – Click IT – it will download the list of names as a PDF file.

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