How one Local Business – is planning for their future

by  Clayton Moore

All businesses (small and large) have the same objective.  Profitability.

Take for example this week – local business Vail Honeywagon vs. Vail Resorts.  What is Honeywagon doing as compared to Vail Resorts – to assure their future Profitability – when faced with all these proposed New Taxes on your Ballot?

Here is your answer:  The ECT learned this week that Honeywagon has decided to increase the cost of their Residential Trash Service by over 14% from ($94.50 to $108.00)

(Side Note)  Did you get at 14% pay raise at work this past year?

ECT also learned this week…that former Vail Honeywagon competitors (MRI and Mountain Waste and Recycling) are now all the same company – Vail Honeywagon.  (Click Here)  Now scroll down to learn what Vail Resorts has done to protect their Profitability.


For their part – Vail Resorts learned what the rest of us learned in May 2016.  Last May Eagle County Voters – voted to support the proposed (2) Tax Increases for the Fire District and Ambulance District – thereby increasing the cost of running Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek.

So what did VR do?

Answer:  They passed on their increase costs – by (now) charging $10.00/per day/per car for (formerly FREE) Skier Parking at  Beaver Creek.  That’s what.

Looking Ahead?  You might want to ask yourself – what the future cost of Skiing at Vail and Beaver Creek might be – should the Eagle County Voters – vote to approve all these proposed Tax Increases.  FACT:  Our School Districts Ballot Issue(s)  (3A & 3B) together constitute the single largest proposed Property Tax Increase in the history of Eagle County…Are YOUR salary increases keeping up – with your cost of living increases?



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