Bruce Carey – ECT’s Pick for our next District Attorney

by  Clayton Moore

This is an easy one.  ECT picks Bruce Carey as our choice for the next 5th Judicial District – District Attorney.

Bruce-Carey-PhotoColorado’s 5th Judicial District includes (Eagle, Summit, Lake and Clear Creek) Counties – and all their Courtrooms.

Bruce has also earned the endorsements of our current Eagle County (elected) Sheriff (James Van Beek) and former 5th Judicial District Attorney – Mark Hurlbert.  Bruce is also a U.S. Veteran.

ECT spoke to a lot of folks including current District Court Judges – for their recommendation for our next DA.

Bruce was the favorite.  ECT not allowed to mention the names of these Judges.  So we wont.

Bruce’s decades of experience in our Criminal Justice system – and sense of fair play – win the day for the ECT’s endorsement of Bruce Carey.  Bruce also has a sense of Humor – ECT believes helps add perspective in a demanding job.

JUST REMEMBER – faithful ECT readers – you always want to be a friend of the D.A. – just don’t become – one of his customers!

Photo Credit:  Vail Daily – October 18th Issue







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