The Strange Case – of the Benchmark Covenants

by  the fans of Rod Serling

“Imagine if you will…”

A request by a local Government to change (actually terminate) a legal “Declaration of Protective Covenants” that has been “on the books” for decades (Circa 1974).

The Towns justification?  “…some 42 years later the “Benchmark Covenants” are outdated, duplicitous with the Town’s Development Code and Regulations – and allegedly unenforced.”


The Issue:  The Effected Private Property Owners – DON’T KNOW – what the effects will be on their Private Property – because the Town – is not telling them.

Further the Town (to date) hasn’t precisely defined specified what (real development changes) are likely to happen if Property Owners agree to the Terminate their Covenants – as requested by a vote.  Why Not?

ECT recommends CAUTION.  These same folks that are requesting the changes (and their Town Attorney) are the same folks that brought you the Avon Streetscape debacle – on the streets in front of the Avon Post Office.

‘nuff said.     (Click Here)   for more information.


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