Altruistic Local Campaign Endorsements? Not Really

by  Clayton Moore

Sometimes your have to “look under the covers”.

In this case the documented information – was hidden (discovered) “out in the open” – specifically online at the the Eagle County School District’s (monthly Check Register) time frame: Circa 2016

It is an excruciating and tedious job looking through their spending Check Register – however the ECT did find some things worth reporting.

DISCLAIMER:  ECT not telling anyone how to Vote on the School District Tax Ballot questions.

What the ECT discovered…

The so called “Walking Mountains Science Center” (staff) – has written more then (1) letter encouraging Voters to Vote for the District’s (2) Ballot Questions – that constitute the largest single Property Tax increase in the history of Eagle County.


So, what the ECT discovered reviewing the District Check Register is that Walking Mountains can accurately be described as “a business partner” of our School District.  Plenty of District money being paid for monthly School “Field Trips” to the Walking Mountains campus in Avon.  Just so you know.  ECT will not make a “value judgment” on this arrangement – only to report that it happens.  A lot.  (Click on the Graphic Below) to enlarge it.


Our School District also saw fit to spend your hard earned Tax Money you paid them to buy “ONE Table” at the Walking Mountains “Taste of Nature” event.  $3,000.00  (Click on the Graphic Below) to enlarge it.


Vail Resorts has also been a VERY VOCAL SUPPORTER of the District’s Proposed Tax Increases – Isn’t that right – Ms. Kristin Kenny Williams (VP, Mountain Community Affairs – Vail Resorts)

Vail Resorts also enjoys a friendly Business Relationship with our School District as well.  A payment from the District’s coffers for $10,950.00 last April 2016 – presumably for “Learn to Ski” services from the month before in March 2016.  (Click on the Graphic Below to enlarge it)


So just keep in mind as you work to complete your Ballot – not every letter of endorsement is based on Unselfish, Altruistic interests…

To review a very brief summary of what the ECT discovered in our School Districts – Taxpayer funded check register  (Click Here)






2 responses

  1. FYI – parents pay the school for the learn to ski program and then the schools write one check to Vail Resorts.

    • Thank You Ms. Maria for reading the ECT.
      In a sense “it makes no difference”.
      Vail Resorts makes more $$ because our School District has our (Student’s Parents) handing VR more $$$
      Our School District is helping improve VR’s BOTTOM LINE.
      Please don’t forget that when working on your Ballot!

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