CMC – Colorado’s Marxist College

FACT:  Also known as Colorado Mountain College – CMC today enjoys an entitlement that is directly funded by you, your family and your business.  Taxpayers and Businesses that don’t even attend CMC – are required to pay.

Their entitlement manifests itself in the form of a Property Tax Mill Levy of – 3.997 Mills in Eagle County, Colorado today.


FACT:  Your November 2017 Eagle County Ballot – has a new Tax Question (4B) – where CMC is asking YOU for even more of your hard earned money…via their request for an even HIGHER Mill Levy – with no exact increase figure given!

FACT:  Colleges and University’s all over America face funding problems all the time.  And they deal with them by the (tried and true – American way) of raising what they charge for TUITION.

Question:  Why is CMC asking Taxpayers (who don’t even attend) CMC for more of their hard earned money?  This isn’t “Americanism” it’s “Marxism”.  Their Ballot Question is genuine “Income Redistribution” right out of their “Little Red Book” of Socialism.

Question:  What are these CMC “Educators” teaching our Kids?  Free Market based Capitalism?  Or the fundamental(s) of Socialism?  How much of this Property Tax Increase will go into the Pockets of these so called Educators – in the form of their Salary and (Medical Insurance) Benefits and Pensions?  Their Ballot Language – certainly doesn’t disclose that.  By the way…how’s your Pension looking today – Social Justice Warrior?

It’s time to put YOUR Education to work for you.  It’s time to THINK about what these CMC Marxists are REALLY asking you to vote for…





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  1. I’m voting against 4B but if you think this type of rhetoric is going to convince anyone to do the same you should reevaluate.

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