Eagle County, Colorado’s – Tax Bomb!



YOU CAN’T STOP IT. Your elected Eagle County Public School Board has already legally – seen to that.

This is what your Public School Board isn’t telling you.  Their Tax Bomb detonates this January 2018.

FACT:  After Eagle County (majority) Voters, voted FOR the largest single Tax Increase in the history of Eagle County (Nov. 2017) – your School Board didn’t actually BOND (legally take on that debt) for Ballot Issue (3B) till the end of January 2017!

RESULT: Last Year’s Tax Bill (2017) did not have the required/necessary – Mill Levy INCREASE – because (by Colorado State Statue) your Tax Bill was already printed and Mailed by the time the $233Million additional debt was Bonded for.

BOTTOM LINE: Come January 2018 your Taxes are going to skyrocket – for every Homeowner, LANDLORD and Commercial Property.  More Affordable Housing?  Sure – you can always make things more affordable – by making them more expensive to buy and own, right?

RECOMMENDATION: Before voting for even more Taxes this November 2017 – you might also want to consider what you (and your LANDLORD) are already – legally going to pay out of your January 2018 paycheck and beyond!  Unbelievers/Skeptics – can reach Ms. Sandra Mutchler (a very nice lady) over at our School District office (970.328.6321) to confirm the info here.  Ms. Sandra can confirm that last year’s Tax Bill (Jan. 2017) included the cost of the School Districts Ballot issue (3A    Nov. 2017) but NOT the for the $233Million+ dollar cost of 3B.

Tick-Tick-Tick, BOOM!


One response

  1. Took on Mark Chapin and got my assessment lower $100,000.00. That’s right $100,000.00 Also discussed with him or you might say I brought it to his attention that there is 100 acres behind my property that has AG. He could care less. I think I may have made an enemy. Once you get AG in this county you have it for life. Under Mark Chapinj

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