Destroying Nike

What is Nike thinking?

Why would any reasonable person – choose such controversial/divisive people to endorse their products?  Their Brand?    Would it not make more sense to choose individuals who the vast majority of folks – have a favorable view of?

What is Nike thinking?   Well…the ECT knows what we’re thinking – and it has nothing to do with purchasing any Nike products.  Sorry Tiger, but by comparison – you look like you’re ready to be canonized a Saint.  Perhaps now, a brief teaching moment from the ECT….(scroll down)


You might wonder just where Nike gets all those millions of dollars in profits – to pay these two…


Serena’s Comments after disgracing herself (3 conduct violations from Umpire Carlos Ramos) at  the U.S. Open – Serena lost to Naomi Osaka in the final…


Imagine the relief of these Chinese (female) Nike Factory workers must have felt – knowing Serena Williams – is fighting for their “woman’s rights and equality”.

Know this:  Hypocrisy is not a Symptom of the Political Left – It’s a Requirement!

5 responses

  1. I agree, as spokespeople Serena and Colin don’t turn my crank.
    But I would assum the marketing department of a 30+ billion dollar a year international corporation is very attuned to the demographic profiles of its costumers. And I would be surprised if Nike considers baby boomers (conservative or liberal) a target rich environment…unless they start selling cheep Velcro tabbed slip ons with Betty White as their spokesperson.
    Black may be beautiful but grey’s the way!

    • Nothing will change for the better (folks start telling the truth) until some of these obvious hypocrites – “get called” on their actions. Serena Williams as a female “Social Justice Warrior”? Imagine their excitement – the Chinese women making the Nike sneakers…at about 20 cents an hour…What a damn fraud…

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