SnowMaking – while it’s WARM!

by Clayton Moore

Sunday’s (16DEC2018) beautiful and warm weather – exposed some interesting Environmental conditions.  In particular the difference between a Southern Sun Exposure home vis-à-vis a ski slope with a Northern Exposure.

It was the current Snow Making on the Ski Runs at Arrowhead in Edwards – that caught the attention of the ECT.  The weather station’s report (below) is a good quality (Davis Instruments) weather station.  It has a southern exposure, looking at the Northern exposure Ski Slopes at Arrowhead.  Ambient temperature 8.5 degrees above freezing (32F).


Now take a look at the (2) photos below….the “yellow circle” shows the location of the SnowMaking going on at Arrowhead at 3:23PM – Sunday, December 16th 2018 – CLICK ON the photos to enlarge them


Now below is the close up – the camera zoom of the Arrowhead SnowMaking guns from above photo – at the same time of day (3:23PM) Sunday, December 16th 2018.  Man Made Climate Change?   Nope…in this documented case it’s all about the Sun.  Have you ever considered that over thousands (millions?) of years…that the amount of HEAT/LIGHT coming from our Sun – was LIKELY – not always the same…  Man Made Climate Change?…Hmmm



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