Political Chicanery – Eagle County Style

Political Chicanery in Eagle County, Colorado?  Yes!  And your Tax Dollars are paying for it!image

The Eagle County Board of County Commissioners – paid (with your Tax Dollars) online survey company “VentureData.com”.  Eagle County Voters were selected at random (email) to complete the online survey – each potential respondent given their own Password to access the Survey.   Now comes their new Tax survey question… Their Deliberate Deception?  The new Tax Question has (4) multiple choice answers. Yet NONE of the (4) Answers – allowed you to choose “NO” or “ZERO” new Taxes!  (Click on Below to enlarge it)


Now their Deception gets worse…the FACT is…you can’t “go on to the next survey question” UNTIL – you agree to answer the (above) question! (Click Here)

Now…for The Big Lie!

Their online survey has been Gerrymandered…such that ALL completed Surveys will have answered “yes” to some level of Tax Increase, per above.  This FACT will allow the Board of County Commissioners to State…”100% of our Survey respondents have agreed to (on average) a $xx.?? Dollar Tax Increase for “Transportation Improvements in Eagle County”. BIAS?  What about the voices of individuals – who prefer “NO” Tax Increase?

Unanswered Commissioner questions remain here at the ECT (at the time of this writing)

Did our elected Board of County Commissioners – read/review and approve the survey questions?  As written?  Was County Staff involved?  To what extent, if any?

The ECT will assert – this kind of Political Chicanery is the result of “one party rule” here in Eagle County and (OBTW) at the Colorado Statehouse as well….where this past week our Statehouse placed a new Bill on the Governors desk – handing your Presidential (Colorado Electoral Votes – 9) to whoever wins the majority votes in a Presidential Election (Click Here).  Simply put – “one party rule” translates politically to “no checks and balances”…and here in Eagle County and Colorado (at large) you can see and experience the results of that fact.


Below – a few more screen shots from their online “survey”. CLICK ON THEM to enlarge and read.

-Clayton Moore



4 responses

  1. our dear friends on the political left speak of disenfranchisement of voters as an excuse to prohibit voter ID laws and such..yet this legislation disenfranchises every Colorado voter since their vote is now meaningless. Three cities, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco will now control who gets Colorado electoral votes and those three cities are fraught with fraud

  2. Good catch Clayton! Now for two questions.
    1) Did the commissioners know that this makes 100% of responses in agreement to “personally tax themselves” as there no other option?
    2) What did this survey cost taxpayers?

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