Happy Lake Powell Day!

Dateline:  Thursday, March 14th 2019 – some celebrate this as “Pi Day” – you know [ 3.14159…]

ECT believes this year – it should be called “Happy Lake Powell Day”.

If you look closely at the photo from December 9th you can see folks have been happily skiing directly under this Vail Ski Resort signage…The clearance was about 5 feet at that time.

Now a little over 3 months – you cannot possible ski under the same sign.

(keep scrolling down – click on the photo to enlarge it)


With the exception of a few inches of snow from the night before…the snow under this trail sign is packed in very tight.

If Spring 2019 ever arrives…and the Spring Runoff flows – Gore Creek, into Eagle River, into the Colorado River – then into Lake Powell and possibly Lake Meade courtesy of the Glen Canyon Dam.  You guess is as good as the ECT’s – how much will Lake Powell rise with this years Spring Runoff.



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