Avon’s Cover-up!

By – the Ghost of Council’s past…

Here are some facts that Avon’s elected leadership is not telling you….

Avon’s massive Westin Hotel and Gondola sits on a parcel of land (~19 acres) known in Avon as the confluence. It now belongs to East West Partners.
In the original written agreement (VR owned the 19 acres at that time) to develop this land – it was agreed to by an earlier Avon Town Council – that development of these 19 acres WOULD INCLUDE a PUBLIC PARKING structure, affordable housing and a convention center. Don’t believe the ECT? Ask current Avon Councilmember Buz Reynolds – he’ll tell you.
So where are these things today on the 19 acres?
Answer: Negotiated away by several members of Avon’s current Town Council – in return for practically nothing from East West…Yes, the ECT can name, names.
Result of this EWP developer give-a-way? An unmerciful parking problem all over Avon’s downtown areas.

Proof: Just visit any Avon business parking lot and you will see signs in their parking lots THREATENING tourists and residences a like – with towing, booting, ticketing you name it. Restrictive Parking Signs at which Avon businesses? First Bank, Alpine Bank, City Market, Post Office, Avon Center, the Library, the Westin, Office Depot (even Avon’s Municipal building) Sunridge, Burger King…the list is endless.

Side Note: The only place in Avon where automobiles are not currently being threatened is in the parking lot of Avon developer Traer Creek’s Wal-Mart & Home Depot. It comes as no surprise to the ECT gang, that Avon’s Town Council is currently suing Traer Creek in District Court.

So what does this have to do with Avon’s CAN proposal?

Avon’s Council wants to make Avon’s core areas more pedestrian friendly among other things. OK, Council so just where would you like us to park, in order for Avon’s residences and tourists to start walking around?

The Council’s answer is in their CAN proposal… Raise Taxes with a new Avon ballot initiative this November. To pay for what? Why, a new downtown public parking structure, of course!

ECT Comment: Although this new CAN proposal is perhaps laced with good-intensions, the majority of the current Avon Town Council’s track record proves this crew is not up to the task of improving Avon. An Avon tax increase this November? Out of the question in this economy. Four seats up on Avon’s Town Council this November – it’s time to hit the ‘reset’ button in Avon and see what a new less litigious majority on Avon’s Town Council can do after November.

2 responses

  1. Avon doesn’t even deserve to be a town. It’s been a cesspool for developer bribes, RET taxes, road designs performed by spiders on LSD, a home for 25 police cars (that’s 1 cop car per 100 people?), the gondola to nowhere… Face it, Edwards isn’t even a town and it delivers more to the residents and visitors than Avon and it’s collection of public art, cop cars and insolvent banks.

    Dissolve the charter and bring in Mrs. Oleary’s cow.

  2. Reviewed your comments with great interest. I was on the Town Council from 1992-1998 and Mayor for a few years. Times were perhaps simpler then. However, we accomplished a fair amount, without any graft or give ups to Vail Resorts or East-West partners.The round-a-bouts were built, a very good project, along with the Rec. Center. Land was given by Avon to build the library , funded by Eagle County taxpayers. Negotiations were held with Magnus Lindhom resulting in the annexation of his land, into Avon. Lindhom originally wanted the parcel to be a Metro District, as is Edwards, with county taxpayers responsible for all services. This would have effectively made the old Stol Port land the primary enity in that part of the Valley, perhaps spelling the end of Avon or a financial disaster for the town.
    Back in the 90’s it was clear to me that the Avon police force was getting to large. This was the law and order period throughout the U.S. and the federal government paid for the first two years of a new officers salary. The problem was, that after the period was up the employee in effect had tenure and Avon then paid the fare.

    I agree that public art is not always a good expenditure of public funds especially when used to glorify individuals.

    Buzz was on the Council for part of the time I was involved and his Dad before him.


    Jack Fawcett

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