Destroying Nike

What is Nike thinking?

Why would any reasonable person – choose such controversial/divisive people to endorse their products?  Their Brand?    Would it not make more sense to choose individuals who the vast majority of folks – have a favorable view of?

What is Nike thinking?   Well…the ECT knows what we’re thinking – and it has nothing to do with purchasing any Nike products.  Sorry Tiger, but by comparison – you look like you’re ready to be canonized a Saint.  Perhaps now, a brief teaching moment from the ECT….(scroll down)


You might wonder just where Nike gets all those millions of dollars in profits – to pay these two…


Serena’s Comments after disgracing herself (3 conduct violations from Umpire Carlos Ramos) at  the U.S. Open – Serena lost to Naomi Osaka in the final…


Imagine the relief of these Chinese (female) Nike Factory workers must have felt – knowing Serena Williams – is fighting for their “woman’s rights and equality”.

Know this:  Hypocrisy is not a Symptom of the Political Left – It’s a Requirement!


ECT – Fights Fake News!

Really?  As far as the ECT is concerned – our favorite way to “Fight Fake News” – is to use PHOTOS of the Truth.

Trump Rally – last night – Thursday, August 30th 2018 – Evansville, Indiana.  ECT told (haven’t confirmed this) that there was “just as many folks outside the arena”.

All of the “Trump Endorsed” candidates from this weeks “primary elections” – won their primaries.  Do you still believe the polls that insist – most American’s disapprove of the job Trump is doing?

Click On the photo to enlarge it.


A Fireball through the Smoke Screen

Where does the Sunset in Eagle County, Colorado – on Sunday, July 29th 2018?

Right on the bulls eye if you ask the ECT.  All that recent Colorado Smoke made this Photograph possible at Sunset.  On a clear day – you’d never be able to get a photo of the Sun at Sunset – it would be way TOO BRIGHT!

CLICK ON the Photo to enlarge it.


3 Weeks ahead of 2015

By all accounts – July 2018 inside Eagle County, Colorado – has been Hot, Dry and at times very Smokey.

What you might not know – is that our summer heating/snowmelt is running about 3 weeks “ahead” of the Summer of 2015.  Granted, the Gore Range had more snow to melt from the Winter of 2015 vis-à-vis – Winter 2018.

ECT’s Indicator?  The Gore Range east of Vail – as seen from the bike trail along the Vail Golf Course.


Below – from August 16th 2015


Also of Note is the low flow rate in Gore Creek – now – July 29th 2018.  The Trout don’t do as well with a lower flow rate – because the water temp – tends to increase above what the fish thrive in…Meanwhile, Vail’s Water Treatment Plant (operated by the Water District) along the Gore Creek in Vail is a “fresh water only” treatment Plant.  Vail’s Waste Water is sent down to the ERWSD Plants in Avon and Edwards.



Climate Consistency – Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Climate Consistency – like your Mom’s Consistency doesn’t waver very much from year to year.  This Mother’s Day 2018 the ECT presents to our readers – our six years (and counting) of photographic May evidence.  ECT wants to thank our friends at the Avon Post Office – for their wonderful trees consistently in bloom during May.

13MAY2018 – 9MAY2017 – 22MAY2016 – 8MAY2015 – 23MAY2014 – 24MAY2013







Eagle County Colorado -Weather – the weeks ahead– for April/May

By all accounts this past Winter was less snowy and noticeably warmer than our typical winters here.  This fact was greatly influenced (for months) by cooler Pacific Ocean equatorial temps caused by a months long – La Nina.  NOAA and NWS have just posted their notice – that the La Nina effect is returning to more normal/seasonal temperatures.

The ECT expects that our Springtime weather and temps will be about average for April and May.  The occasional Spring Snows and variable temps over the next several weeks as we head into June and the Summer Solstice.  Click On the graphic below for more information.



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