SnowMaking – while it’s WARM!

by Clayton Moore

Sunday’s (16DEC2018) beautiful and warm weather – exposed some interesting Environmental conditions.  In particular the difference between a Southern Sun Exposure home vis-à-vis a ski slope with a Northern Exposure.

It was the current Snow Making on the Ski Runs at Arrowhead in Edwards – that caught the attention of the ECT.  The weather station’s report (below) is a good quality (Davis Instruments) weather station.  It has a southern exposure, looking at the Northern exposure Ski Slopes at Arrowhead.  Ambient temperature 8.5 degrees above freezing (32F).


Now take a look at the (2) photos below….the “yellow circle” shows the location of the SnowMaking going on at Arrowhead at 3:23PM – Sunday, December 16th 2018 – CLICK ON the photos to enlarge them


Now below is the close up – the camera zoom of the Arrowhead SnowMaking guns from above photo – at the same time of day (3:23PM) Sunday, December 16th 2018.  Man Made Climate Change?   Nope…in this documented case it’s all about the Sun.  Have you ever considered that over thousands (millions?) of years…that the amount of HEAT/LIGHT coming from our Sun – was LIKELY – not always the same…  Man Made Climate Change?…Hmmm




Vail Opens EARLY! Set for Wednesday, November 14th – 7 Lifts Running

The Ski Season at Vail – set to open Early!

7 Lifts staring up.  You’ll be able to ski from the top (Patrol HQ – Chair 4) to the bottom – of the front of Vail.

Photo Below – from Patrol HQ at 7:00AM Monday, November 12th.


Early Vail Ski Conditions? Try the Aspen Grove indicator…

It all started at about 5:30PM on September 28th, 2007


For the last (11) years running…from the same spot – at the same time of day – ECT has photographed the same Aspen Grove…This especially dry (2018) summer have the Aspens changing and falling much earlier.


Now – what can be shown for the early ski conditions at Vail – vis-à-vis the changing Aspens on September 28th….2012 Aspens and Mid-Vail (not open yet on December 9th 2012)  Another dry summer.


2014 was BY FAR the Best Early Ski conditions at Vail – by December 13th 2014 Vail’s Back Bowls and Blue Ski Basin were open…Photo of Pete’s Chair in Blue Sky Basin.


2016 was a better than average early ski conditions with Vail’s Tea Cup Lift (west side of China Bowl) running on December 3rd 2016…


What will early Season 2018 bring for early Ski Conditions?  We’ll have to see…

More Taxes – Eleven Ballot Questions – Eagle County, Colorado’s – Composite Ballot – November 2018

Eagle County’s Confiscatory Taxation is OUT OF CONTROL!

No less than (11) Tax Questions on Eagle County’s “Composite Ballot”. (CLICK HERE).

Keep in mind these proposed Tax Increase (Ballot Questions) are organized as follows:

(3) from State of Colorado – Amendment 73, Proposition 109 and Proposition 110

(1)  from Eagle County – Question 1A

(5) from local Municipalities – Minturn 2A,  Avon – 2B,   Eagle – 6A,   Gypsum – 7E,   Basalt 7F

(1) from Colorado Mountain College – 7D

(1) from the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority – 7A

You can bet Eagle County’s overpopulated Real Estate community IS NOT telling any of their prospective 2nd Home Owners – about any of these proposed new Taxes!

Considering Retiring in Eagle County, Colorado?

The ECT knows just the place inside Gypsum, Colorado.  News clip below, August 14th 2018 – from the Vail Daily.  Remember only YOU can vote for “More Affordability”!


Moon Set over Cordillera & the Copernicus Crater

You had to be up before Sunrise this late September Tuesday.  If you were – and you had a big optical zoom on your digital camera – you could snag a look at the Copernicus Crater on the Moon’s Surface.

The Optics were – the Sunrise in the East highlighting the Moon’s Surface just before the Sun rose above the horizon in the East.  Note the Sunrise had not yet reached the top of Eagle County’s Bellyache Mountain (9,288 ft.)  Interesting lighting this morning.

CLICK ON the photos to ENLARGE THEM.


Didn’t have a Tripod Handy…Hard to hold steady at this BIG ZOOM.


Eagle County’s Summer Drought – 2018

Here is  your photographic PROOF.  2017 Aspens vis-à-vis 2018 Aspens

Eagle County, Colorado – the Summer Drought of 2018 has accelerated the changing colors of our local Aspen Trees.

The (2) photos below (take same time of day) show the difference of the same location – exactly (1) year apart.


One wonders what the 2018-19 Ski Season will bring us.


Destroying Nike

What is Nike thinking?

Why would any reasonable person – choose such controversial/divisive people to endorse their products?  Their Brand?    Would it not make more sense to choose individuals who the vast majority of folks – have a favorable view of?

What is Nike thinking?   Well…the ECT knows what we’re thinking – and it has nothing to do with purchasing any Nike products.  Sorry Tiger, but by comparison – you look like you’re ready to be canonized a Saint.  Perhaps now, a brief teaching moment from the ECT….(scroll down)


You might wonder just where Nike gets all those millions of dollars in profits – to pay these two…


Serena’s Comments after disgracing herself (3 conduct violations from Umpire Carlos Ramos) at  the U.S. Open – Serena lost to Naomi Osaka in the final…


Imagine the relief of these Chinese (female) Nike Factory workers must have felt – knowing Serena Williams – is fighting for their “woman’s rights and equality”.

Know this:  Hypocrisy is not a Symptom of the Political Left – It’s a Requirement!

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