A Fireball through the Smoke Screen

Where does the Sunset in Eagle County, Colorado – on Sunday, July 29th 2018?

Right on the bulls eye if you ask the ECT.  All that recent Colorado Smoke made this Photograph possible at Sunset.  On a clear day – you’d never be able to get a photo of the Sun at Sunset – it would be way TOO BRIGHT!

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3 Weeks ahead of 2015

By all accounts – July 2018 inside Eagle County, Colorado – has been Hot, Dry and at times very Smokey.

What you might not know – is that our summer heating/snowmelt is running about 3 weeks “ahead” of the Summer of 2015.  Granted, the Gore Range had more snow to melt from the Winter of 2015 vis-à-vis – Winter 2018.

ECT’s Indicator?  The Gore Range east of Vail – as seen from the bike trail along the Vail Golf Course.


Below – from August 16th 2015


Also of Note is the low flow rate in Gore Creek – now – July 29th 2018.  The Trout don’t do as well with a lower flow rate – because the water temp – tends to increase above what the fish thrive in…Meanwhile, Vail’s Water Treatment Plant (operated by the Water District) along the Gore Creek in Vail is a “fresh water only” treatment Plant.  Vail’s Waste Water is sent down to the ERWSD Plants in Avon and Edwards.



Climate Consistency – Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Climate Consistency – like your Mom’s Consistency doesn’t waver very much from year to year.  This Mother’s Day 2018 the ECT presents to our readers – our six years (and counting) of photographic May evidence.  ECT wants to thank our friends at the Avon Post Office – for their wonderful trees consistently in bloom during May.

13MAY2018 – 9MAY2017 – 22MAY2016 – 8MAY2015 – 23MAY2014 – 24MAY2013







Eagle County Colorado -Weather – the weeks ahead– for April/May

By all accounts this past Winter was less snowy and noticeably warmer than our typical winters here.  This fact was greatly influenced (for months) by cooler Pacific Ocean equatorial temps caused by a months long – La Nina.  NOAA and NWS have just posted their notice – that the La Nina effect is returning to more normal/seasonal temperatures.

The ECT expects that our Springtime weather and temps will be about average for April and May.  The occasional Spring Snows and variable temps over the next several weeks as we head into June and the Summer Solstice.  Click On the graphic below for more information.



Vail – Signs of Spring?

Spring doesn’t officially start till March 20th 2018…but somebody forgot to tell these Crocuses spotted near Vail’s Gondola One in Vail Village.  Do you suppose the heated walkway might have some influence on this early sign of Spring?


With Vail’s Gondola One (back right) the Vail Mountain Club (foreground) shows their first sign of Spring 2018.  All before you had a chance to fill out your NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket!


Public Safety? Not in Avon, Colorado

Every reasonable person knows that Government’s #1 Job is “Public Safety”.

However this is not the case in Avon, Colorado.  Dateline:  Monday, February 12th 2018

By the ECT’s count – we’re now in week #5 – celebrating the dis-repair of this Road Hazard half way up on Metcalf Road.  Weeks ago the original damage to this guard rail was done – when a vehicle crashed into it – coming down the icy hill from Avon’s Wildridge neighborhood.  Speaking of “going down hill”…here is more interesting Avon information…Week-5-Metcalf-Guard-Rail-11FEB2018

Last time the ECT checked – no less that (3) current Avon Councilmembers drive past this ongoing road hazard from their respective residences in the Avon/Wildridge neighborhood – each day for the last (5) weeks and counting… 

They are: Avon Councilmembers:  Sara Smith-Hymes, Scott Prince and Matt Gannett.

Their concern for Avon’s Public Safety is now put into question.

Credit should also be given to  Avon’s Public Works Director:  Gary Padilla (970.748.4188 –  GPadilla@avon.org)   Does Mr. Padilla know what his job is…in the context of “Public Safety”?   After 5 weeks and counting…to what safety standard is Mr. Padilla  being held to by his boss – Avon Town Manager –Virginia Egger?

 More Reasonable Questions

One wonders…if Avon’s current leadership and management is NOT concerned about their #1 Job, then what is it that they are more concerned about?  Let’s have a look at the Avon Council agenda for Tuesday, February 13th, and see if we can find some answers…


Apparently, Councilmember (and WildRidge resident) Sarah Smith Hymes seem to be more concerned with Congress than her sworn duties in Avon…

Of course at that same ATC meeting is the incredibly important Avon issue of “Climate Action” where ATC members will be asked to “hand over” Avon Taxpayer monies to support “Climate Action”.


Any who could forget the Proclamation to celebrate Avon’s 40th Anniversary?


What’s the Avon Police Department been up to…after their move to Avon’s band new “Public Safety Facility”?  One of the answers is “supporting the Special Olympics of Colorado” with their scheduled “Polar Plunge” into Avon’s Lake Nottingham on February 24th, 2018.  (Click Here) for more information.

Fear Not.  Today, there is plenty of Real Estate for sale in Avon’s Wildridge neighborhood.


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