CMC – Colorado’s Marxist College

FACT:  Also known as Colorado Mountain College – CMC today enjoys an entitlement that is directly funded by you, your family and your business.  Taxpayers and Businesses that don’t even attend CMC – are required to pay.

Their entitlement manifests itself in the form of a Property Tax Mill Levy of – 3.997 Mills in Eagle County, Colorado today.


FACT:  Your November 2017 Eagle County Ballot – has a new Tax Question (4B) – where CMC is asking YOU for even more of your hard earned money…via their request for an even HIGHER Mill Levy – with no exact increase figure given!

FACT:  Colleges and University’s all over America face funding problems all the time.  And they deal with them by the (tried and true – American way) of raising what they charge for TUITION.

Question:  Why is CMC asking Taxpayers (who don’t even attend) CMC for more of their hard earned money?  This isn’t “Americanism” it’s “Marxism”.  Their Ballot Question is genuine “Income Redistribution” right out of their “Little Red Book” of Socialism.

Question:  What are these CMC “Educators” teaching our Kids?  Free Market based Capitalism?  Or the fundamental(s) of Socialism?  How much of this Property Tax Increase will go into the Pockets of these so called Educators – in the form of their Salary and (Medical Insurance) Benefits and Pensions?  Their Ballot Language – certainly doesn’t disclose that.  By the way…how’s your Pension looking today – Social Justice Warrior?

It’s time to put YOUR Education to work for you.  It’s time to THINK about what these CMC Marxists are REALLY asking you to vote for…






Altruistic Local Campaign Endorsements? Not Really

by  Clayton Moore

Sometimes your have to “look under the covers”.

In this case the documented information – was hidden (discovered) “out in the open” – specifically online at the the Eagle County School District’s (monthly Check Register) time frame: Circa 2016

It is an excruciating and tedious job looking through their spending Check Register – however the ECT did find some things worth reporting.

DISCLAIMER:  ECT not telling anyone how to Vote on the School District Tax Ballot questions.

What the ECT discovered…

The so called “Walking Mountains Science Center” (staff) – has written more then (1) letter encouraging Voters to Vote for the District’s (2) Ballot Questions – that constitute the largest single Property Tax increase in the history of Eagle County.


So, what the ECT discovered reviewing the District Check Register is that Walking Mountains can accurately be described as “a business partner” of our School District.  Plenty of District money being paid for monthly School “Field Trips” to the Walking Mountains campus in Avon.  Just so you know.  ECT will not make a “value judgment” on this arrangement – only to report that it happens.  A lot.  (Click on the Graphic Below) to enlarge it.


Our School District also saw fit to spend your hard earned Tax Money you paid them to buy “ONE Table” at the Walking Mountains “Taste of Nature” event.  $3,000.00  (Click on the Graphic Below) to enlarge it.


Vail Resorts has also been a VERY VOCAL SUPPORTER of the District’s Proposed Tax Increases – Isn’t that right – Ms. Kristin Kenny Williams (VP, Mountain Community Affairs – Vail Resorts)

Vail Resorts also enjoys a friendly Business Relationship with our School District as well.  A payment from the District’s coffers for $10,950.00 last April 2016 – presumably for “Learn to Ski” services from the month before in March 2016.  (Click on the Graphic Below to enlarge it)


So just keep in mind as you work to complete your Ballot – not every letter of endorsement is based on Unselfish, Altruistic interests…

To review a very brief summary of what the ECT discovered in our School Districts – Taxpayer funded check register  (Click Here)






Eagle County – Divided

by  Clayton Moore

Eagle County – Divided?  Well the Hatfields and the McCoys had nothing on each other – when compared with Eagle County, Colorado today.

Eagle-County-Logo-LeftThe evidence of this (competing Tax Feuds?) will be delivered to you via U.S. Mail this week, when your Ballot arrives.  It’s due back by Tuesday, November 8th 2016 – National Election day.

This week the ECT will share some of the TAX FACTS about this election – that neither the Hatfields nor McCoys seems to want to expose.

Ballot Issue (1A) – wants you to vote yourself a tax increase in order to support – “More Affordable Workforce Housing.”  Part of the money raised targeted to “buy land” to put Affordable Workforce Housing on.

KEEP IN MIND:  You’re already paying Eagle County Taxes – to take developable land OFF THE MARKET.  It’s called the Eagle County Open Space Tax – and your paying that today!  And tomorrow, too!

CONGRATULATIONS EAGLE COUNTY! – your own County Government hasEagle-County-Logo-Right-Side grown so BIG – they they want you to pay to take developable land OFF THE MARKET – at the same time – you’ll be paying new Taxes to BUY LAND on the Market – to be developed!  It’s True, and the ECT insists this is NUTS.

Next up: Ballot Issue (3A & 3B) – our Public School District’s proposed Tax increase – is the largest proposed Tax Increase in the history of Eagle County.  The projected repayment cost of 3B alone (it’s in the Ballot language) is $233 Million – that will be attached to your Residential and Commercial Property…until the next time our School District – insists they have to have more of your families and business hard earned income.

ECT Question:  How does raising your Property Taxes – make anything more affordable?  Don’ worry Renters!  Your current Landlord will have something to say about your next years, Rent – if this new Tax passes…

Ballot Issue (1B) – Wants to Tax you an additional $32.7 Million for the purpose of expanding the “Eagle Valley Bike Trail”.  ECT hopes our readers already own a Mountain or Street Bike – because if all these other Ballot Issues pass – it’s unlikely you’ll be able to afford even a “used bike” in the months and years to come.

TAX FACT:  Even if all these proposed New Taxes (were defeated) your Taxes are already GUARANTEED TO GO UP!

How So?  Because the Eagle County Voters – approved a Tax Increase for the Ambulance District as well as the Eagle River Fire District – LAST MAY 2016.  That increase won’t be incurred (read: felt) until your new Property Tax Bill arrives in January 2017!!!

TAX FACT:  Recall how Beaver Creek Resort reacted when May 2016 County Voters voted to increase their cost to run a Ski Resort – Beaver Creek quickly decided to charge ($10.00/day) for Skier Parking – that was formerly, FREE.

ASK YOURSELF:  What the cost of YOUR Snowboarding or Skiing might be raised to should all these proposed new Taxes, pass.  It’s a safe bet that Vail Resorts – will pass on their increased costs (due to Higher Taxes) next year.

ECT will not tell voters “how to vote”.  Only consider points made here – “Cause and Effect” is an economic reality.  One wonders if our School District is teaching our kids about the economic realities of “Cause and Effect”.

All Eagle County, Colorado – School District Salaries posted Online

by     Information from our Eagle County Public School District

First things First.  Thank you Eagle County School District for responding to an “open records request” for this information.  All of our Public School District Employees are paid by the Eagle County Property Taxpayers – making each one of them, YOUR EMPLOYEE.

It is therefore REASONABLE to make this Public Record information available – to the Eagle County voters – when they are being asked to pay more Taxes – to support our Public School District.  ECT will NOT tell Voters how to vote on this Issue.

(Click Here) to download the entire Public School Payrollorganized from the Top Down (890 Employees).  The ECT does not have any specific financial information to share about our School Districts – Benefits (Healthcare, Dental) nor District Pensions at this time.

Per below – 80% of the entire School District Annual Budget is (consumed by) their Salaries, Benefits and EXISTING Debt Service.  Ballot Issue 3B – proposes to increase that Debt Service by an estimated $233 Million more…that will be attached to your Residential and Commercial Property.

This ECSD pie chart from Ms. Sandra Mutchler – CFO Eagle County Public School District.  A very nice lady by the way.


(Click On the Table Below)


School District’s Superintendent Salary & Benefits

Credit – for this documented information – given to Superintendent Dr. Jason Glass and School District/CFO  – Ms. Sandra Mutchler

Dr. Glass:   “Typically, we figure benefit costs at 33% on top of Salary when budgeting for total compensation costs. Schools are required to offer health and retirement plans — it’s not an optional expense we can cut”.

Our School District reported that our Superintendent – Dr. Jason Glass receives an annual salary of $195,500.00.  Add to that $64,515.00 (33% in Benefits) and an additional/presumed (unknown) amount as a (performance bonus?) for achieving and improving certain test scores of our Students in the District.

Minimum total annual salary:  $260,015.00   ECT suggests that the Dr. Jason Glass family can reasonably afford all these proposed new tax increases.  Can your family?

Below is from a recent/published “straight talk” from Dr. Glass.

ECT finds Dr. Glass number of 33% noticeably higher (more than double) than the number the District’s CFO ( Ms. Sandra Mutchler) passed on to the ECT at 16% in her Pie Chart. (Click Here)


Outside of our School District (that teaches roughly 9 months of the year) – does anyone know any other Eagle County business (today) that offers their employees a Benefits package of 33% of their Annual Salary?

Just asking.

More Curious Election FACTS:   In November 2006 Eagle County Voters rejected a ballot issue (1A) that would have caused County Taxpayers to pay more in Taxes on what is collectively known today as “Early Childhood Development”.  (Click Here)  Their Ballot Issue/plan was to collect then spend new Taxes on/for children not old enough to attend Public School in Kindergarten.  Recall that Colorado State Statute provides for a “free” and legal Public School Education for children once old enough to attend K-12.  Their (1A) Ballot issue (it didn’t pass) would have LEGALLY allowed your Tax money to be spent on children before they were old enough to attend Public School Kindergarten.

Now 10 Years Later (2016):  Our Eagle County School District is paying Ms. Shelley Smith a reported annually Salary of $84,541.29 for her services as our Administrator of “Early Childhood Education”.

ECT certain Ms. Smith is a very nice lady and works very hard.

ECT just can’t figure out why our School District is paying for Services – earlier rejected by the Voters in 2006.  Can you?  Ms. Smith’s hire date reported to be 7/6/2009.






ECT Supports our Public School District – Do YOU?

by  Clayton Moore

For as long as the ECT folks have lived here (20+ years) we have been (and continue to be) strong supporters of our Eagle County Public School District.

In fact – the ECT has put together a small survey of questions – to determine if (you too) are a strong supporter!

Let’s Begin…

Fact:  The Majority of the Property Taxes we all pay in Eagle County today – goes to Funding Public School Education.

1 –  Have you paid your Property Taxes (on time and in full) for each year you’ve owned your Eagle County Property?

2 –  Give yourself Extra Credit if you also own Commercial Property – because Commercial Property is Taxed at a 29% Rate vs. Residential at 7.96%

3 – If you are a RENTER – have you always paid your Rent – on time and in full?  Because your Landlord is responsible to pay the Property Taxes on the property that you Rent!

4 –  Has the Property you own (Commercial or Residential) seen an INCREASE in your Properties “assessed value” over the last several years?  Simply put a “higher assessed value” on your Property – results in Higher Property Taxes you pay – Guaranteed!  Have you paid your Increased Property Taxes on time and in full?

Well – if you, your Family and your Eagle County Business has answered YES to these questions – then the FACT IS – you too are a strong and consistent supporter of our Public School System!

Don’t let anyone in support of $152 Million Dollars of New/Additional Property Taxes in Eagle County (Ballot Questions 3A & 3B) – TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT!!!



From the Street

Literally…From the Street

The Good News is…there are (3) Town of Avon City Council seats up for grabs this November 2016.

Let’s hope the Avon Voters – make better choices than the last time Avon Voters – went to the Polls…Print

If you think traffic and PARKING in Avon is difficult now…just wait for late November 2016 when Beaver Creek – starts charging $10.00/day for Skier Parking…You can bet a Ski “boot” won’t be the only kind of “boot” seen in Avon Parking Lots this Ski Season…

Special ECT thanks to Don Sidle for his Illustration on the state of Avon’s Streets and the folks who brought you that mess…

You can see more of Don’s humor in action at Don’s Illustrator Web Site (Click Here)

Q.) – Is there “nothing” this Avon Town Council (and Town Manager) can’t touch – and MAKE WORSE?  Apparently Not.  Click on the Graphic below to read today’s (29AUG2016) Story.


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