Early Vail Ski Conditions? Try the Aspen Grove indicator…

It all started at about 5:30PM on September 28th, 2007


For the last (11) years running…from the same spot – at the same time of day – ECT has photographed the same Aspen Grove…This especially dry (2018) summer have the Aspens changing and falling much earlier.


Now – what can be shown for the early ski conditions at Vail – vis-à-vis the changing Aspens on September 28th….2012 Aspens and Mid-Vail (not open yet on December 9th 2012)  Another dry summer.


2014 was BY FAR the Best Early Ski conditions at Vail – by December 13th 2014 Vail’s Back Bowls and Blue Ski Basin were open…Photo of Pete’s Chair in Blue Sky Basin.


2016 was a better than average early ski conditions with Vail’s Tea Cup Lift (west side of China Bowl) running on December 3rd 2016…


What will early Season 2018 bring for early Ski Conditions?  We’ll have to see…


Only in our Fishwrap–from Pink Vail

Ms. Hoffman – someone here…may need your help!


Maybe it’s just us here are the ECT.

Pink Vail (from last weekend) seeks to raise money to help find a cure for Cancer…Right?

The ECT thinks that perhaps more than the threat of Cancer here in Eagle County, needs to be cured…

ECT just not sure how a man quite capable of growing a beard…while wearing a ladies bra dressed in his (pink underwear?) is going to cure anything.

Perhaps his current “life coach” told (him?) dancing with more ladies might improve his self esteem and self image.  ECT thinks he maybe trying to frighten young children with his dancing…

We don’t know.  ECT just hopes this guys “life coach” is different than the one former U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist – Bruce Jenner chose…

ECT Tip:   Local Dads…you might want to think twice about introducing young family members – to the “Team Revolution Power Yogis”….not withstanding the Yogis questionable dancing skills.   Sheesh…

PS  – Photos and Story Credit goes to our local Fishwrap

Media Pin of the Championships!

What can the ECT say?  Well…this is our favorite Media Pin of the 2015 Championships!

A real collectors item if you ask us!  Commemorating the Triumph of Paid Print Advertising – over Investigative Reporting and Journalistic Accuracy…


Here is a case in point from last week – Feb. 2015:


40,000 Readers a Day?  Really?  ECT doesn’t think so…

U.S. Census Bureau says…their most recent estimate (2013) is 52,460 people living in Eagle County, Colorado.  Just (Click On) the graphic below to go to that U.S. Census Bureau web page…


1 – Consider the FACT that:   Eagle County Citizens living in (Basalt and El Jebel) live in the Roaring Folk River Valley – they’ll most likely read the Aspen Times and/or the Glenwood Springs, Post Independent, RIGHT?

2 – Now consider the population of all our Eagle County, Elementary School Kids…a very small portion of kids that might read the Fishwrap…

3 – Now consider Eagle County’s growing Population of folks that don’t call English their first language…

4 – To be FAIR – some of the folks that read the Fishwrap don’t live here (may own property here) and read it (online) because they can…How many of those folks are reading the Fishwrap every day?

ECT believes it is far more likely that, “40,000 readers a day” – spans THE ENTIRE (Swift Communications – VD Parent Company) newspaper geography of Eagle County, Summit County, Garfield and Pitkin Counties (combined).


Part 2 UPDATE:   Little Chance of this Colorado story being reported locally – so the ECT will link you to the Denver Post story – Just (Click On) the graphic below to go to the Denver Post story….


One more thing, Don – we do like our Media Pin (above) they Best!

Hilarious! – EC Dems

by   Eagle County’s Grammar Police

Topic:  Last Friday’s letter to the Editor from EC Dem Chairwoman – Jane Lowery.

What exactly is the Chairwoman of the Eagle County Democrats – talking about?

Say What?   “…these debates is not unavailable online…”  HUH?

Good Grief.  Even the Fishwrap folks were able to produce a web page link – to the debate video in question, Ms. Lowery.  The ECT also has a direct link to that YouTube video as well.

Ms. Lowery is just -Too Funny! 


Apparently – the (copy editors?) at the Fishwrap – were (not in the mood?) to help out Ms. Lowery’s letter to their editor…

Ms. Lowery’s obvious experiment – mixing a (double entendre?) with a double negative takes local Political Speech to a whole new level.

A reasonable person – would have difficulty disagreeing with Ms. Lowery’s statement – on the grounds that no one can tell for sure…exactly what Ms. Lowery is talking about!

In any event the ECT folks look forward to Ms. Lowery’s next “letter to the editor” – after all, who knows what fascinating new political points might be made next time!

Sheesh!  Once again – Here’s the debate video Ms. Lowery is regrettably confused about.

You don’t see this – Everyday!

by   the fans of Jeopardy

Jeopardy is the TV game show where the correct “answer” must always be spoken by the contestant as a “question”.

So here is our question – How is it possible for a person to know “less than nothing”?

Answer:  Well…when, what that person knows is, wrong!

The amusing part?  Well that contestant below on the right is none other than the famous Ken Jennings – who holds the record for the longest winning streak (74) in the history of Jeopardy.  Photo below taken this past week (4SEPT2014) on Jeopardy’s “Battle of the Decades” – where former champions were asked to compete again.  Yes, it was early in the first round.


So what was the Jeopardy “category” that had Ken and Tom off to a “slow start”?  Too Funny – ECT guesses the ladies (Rachael) know when to keep quite – if your knowledge of Vatican City history – is a bit weak.


So where did Ken Jennings – end up at the end of the Show?  Answer:  In his usual place…winning again…by a margin of over 2-1.


Humor – OktoberFest in Lionshead – 2014

Ever Wonder…

How Vail Police Chief Dwight Henninger…might be “incentivizing”  his Vail Police Officers to work on a Sunday afternoon Patrolling the 2014 OktoberFest in Lionshead?


Well…here is some tasty evidence…the ECT folks discovered in Lionshead…that we now present for your Review and Inspection!!!  Granted, some of this ECT discovered evidence we found in Lionshead has…“a lot of holes in it”.



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