Hilarious! – EC Dems

by   Eagle County’s Grammar Police

Topic:  Last Friday’s letter to the Editor from EC Dem Chairwoman – Jane Lowery.

What exactly is the Chairwoman of the Eagle County Democrats – talking about?

Say What?   “…these debates is not unavailable online…”  HUH?

Good Grief.  Even the Fishwrap folks were able to produce a web page link – to the debate video in question, Ms. Lowery.  The ECT also has a direct link to that YouTube video as well.

Ms. Lowery is just -Too Funny! 


Apparently – the (copy editors?) at the Fishwrap – were (not in the mood?) to help out Ms. Lowery’s letter to their editor…

Ms. Lowery’s obvious experiment – mixing a (double entendre?) with a double negative takes local Political Speech to a whole new level.

A reasonable person – would have difficulty disagreeing with Ms. Lowery’s statement – on the grounds that no one can tell for sure…exactly what Ms. Lowery is talking about!

In any event the ECT folks look forward to Ms. Lowery’s next “letter to the editor” – after all, who knows what fascinating new political points might be made next time!

Sheesh!  Once again – Here’s the debate video Ms. Lowery is regrettably confused about.


You don’t see this – Everyday!

by   the fans of Jeopardy

Jeopardy is the TV game show where the correct “answer” must always be spoken by the contestant as a “question”.

So here is our question – How is it possible for a person to know “less than nothing”?

Answer:  Well…when, what that person knows is, wrong!

The amusing part?  Well that contestant below on the right is none other than the famous Ken Jennings – who holds the record for the longest winning streak (74) in the history of Jeopardy.  Photo below taken this past week (4SEPT2014) on Jeopardy’s “Battle of the Decades” – where former champions were asked to compete again.  Yes, it was early in the first round.


So what was the Jeopardy “category” that had Ken and Tom off to a “slow start”?  Too Funny – ECT guesses the ladies (Rachael) know when to keep quite – if your knowledge of Vatican City history – is a bit weak.


So where did Ken Jennings – end up at the end of the Show?  Answer:  In his usual place…winning again…by a margin of over 2-1.


Humor – OktoberFest in Lionshead – 2014

Ever Wonder…

How Vail Police Chief Dwight Henninger…might be “incentivizing”  his Vail Police Officers to work on a Sunday afternoon Patrolling the 2014 OktoberFest in Lionshead?


Well…here is some tasty evidence…the ECT folks discovered in Lionshead…that we now present for your Review and Inspection!!!  Granted, some of this ECT discovered evidence we found in Lionshead has…“a lot of holes in it”.



Favorite Photo – Red Cliff Studio Tour

by  Jimmy Olsen   photography

Too Funny.  The ECT’s favorite photo from this past weekends “Red Cliff 2014 Studio Tour” is the photo of the sign – instructing Jimmy Olsen of the ECT – not to take any photos!

Special thanks to the Norris – Lamont Gallery in Red Cliff for the outdoor back drop behind their sign.  Perhaps next year the ECT folks will just shoot a Video instead.  No signs about Videos…did we see!  Nor bad grammar, either!


All Gone on the Gore?  Mid-August 2014 – Our Gore Range waits for its first new Snow of the 2014-2015 Ski Season


Just a little different than the Gore looked last March – 2014


From the Street – Humor

Humor – how the ECT see things differently from the Fishwrap folks!

Case in Point…take for example Mr. Anthony Thornton photographer and employee of the Fishwrap…below is the description of this young fellow discovered in a recent issue of the Fishwrap.


ECT folks found Mr. Thornton out on assignment in Eagle, Colorado one evening in the not too distant past.

If you ask the ECT folks Anthony looks to us like the long lost brother of Willie (Duck Dynasty) Robertson.  When asked what he thought of the Fishwrap’s “pro-Pot” position on Cannabis retailers in our County – Anthony was rumored to have responded “…well – perhaps I should consider introducing my Fishwrap News Room peers to my friend Bruce Carey sitting just two chairs to my left.  Bruce you know is one of the top Criminal Defense lawyers in Eagle County today!

Anthony it seems – is not the type to blow a lot of smoke on the issue of Public Safety!


Trouble for Tiger?

Watch your step with this young lady, Mr. Woods.

Olympic Gold Medal Skier – Lindsey Vonn photographed at the Go Pro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado this past weekend.

Lindsey brought her dog “Leo” – to the Eukanuba “Dock Dog’s” competition – where a ball is thrown into the Water and (in some cases) the Dog leaps into the air then water in order to retrieve the ball for it’s owner.

Lindsey’s dog Leo…didn’t feel like competing last Saturday – so in front of the entire assembled crowd – Lindsey picked up her dog – AND THREW HER POOCH INTO THE WATER right after that ball!


ECT still not sure when “dog throwing” became part of Lindsey’s upper body strength training program – but what we do know is…if you click on the photo you’ll discover Lindsey’s special way of carrying her iPhone.

Here’s a few more photos – for the Lindsey Vonn fans around the globe!


Humor – Global Cooling Deniers

by  Al Gore’s photographer

It’s time to have some fun – with Global Cooling Deniers.

Led by our nations #1 Global Cooling Denier – Al Gore, some folks still insist Global Cooling isn’t happening.  Are these folks living in a Sauna?  ECT folks don’t.


Last Thursday’s snow photographed here and as everyone knows (who pays attention) more snow forecast for Eagle County, Colorado in the next few days during mid-May 2014.

Meanwhile – Just what were the Ski Conditions at Mid-Vail last week?


Answer:  The Skiing still looks pretty good to us!  Please email the ECT your photos of recent Skiing at A-Basin.

The ECT folks want to point out just how much work – Global Cooling Deniers have to engage in…they have to be willing to ignore…

Last winters (2014) so called “Polar Vortex” that resulted in (among other things) all of the Great Lakes “freezing over” just a few months ago (Click Here)  One day last winter the temperature is Chicago was 30F degrees COLDER than it was on the same day in Antarctica!  (Click Here)

That’s a lot of Denying if you ask us – and a full time job for the Deniers current leader – Al Gore.   Perhaps that’s why Al has big carbon footprint mansion/residence in Tennessee and likes to use his Private Jet – to avoid those pesky questions – on his way to another “inconvenient truth” presentation that Al’s uses to make his $$$.

P. T. Barnum was right…there’s one born every minute…scary to think some of them…live right here with the rest of us…

Update:  Tuesday, May 13th 2014 – ECT Contributor “Randy” shared his photos of what Skiing at Arapahoe Basin, Colorado was like on Mother’s Day – 2014.

OBTW – A-Basin currently reporting an 80” base (13MAY2014) – (Click Here)


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