Independence Institute – Awards 2017

Tomorrow we announce which Coloradan wins our 2017 “Californian of the Year Award.”   That’s the person that best exemplifies the effort to transform our once liberty-loving state into East California.
The Colorado Character is craving the Freedom to make your own decisions. The Californian Character is making decisions for other people.  Last week we announced our five finalists:
Christine Berg, Mayor of Lafayette, for her leadership and vote to make Lafayette the first city in Colorado to bar local restaurants from advertising “sugar drinks” on kids’ menus.  (Click Here)

Jared Polis, gubernatorial hopeful, multi-millionaire, and US Congressman for his goal to out Cali Cali with his “goal” of 100% renewable energy by 2040 at a cost of only $44 billion.   (Click Here)

Brandon Rietheimer, citizen activist, Bernie-sycophant, and manager of a Red Robin restaurant, for his work in forcing Denver building owners to plant lawns on their roofs.  (Click Here)

Jerry Sonnenberg, state senator, conservative when in his rural home district and liberal when under the gold dome for destroying TABOR by raising taxes and debt to all Coloradans without asking voters first. (Click Here)

Aidan Cook, animal rights activist, and snazzy millennial-beard aficionado for his efforts to end the time-honored and children-loved activity of “mutton-busting” at the Western Stock Show.  (Click Here)
The winner will be chosen by our panel of judges, but you can spout off in our poll on

Let’s celebrate those who are turning us into East California!
Think Freedom


Roosevelt’s Glasses at Rush

by  fans of the Fab Four

Sculpted by Danish-American Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum, Mount Rushmore has a few surprises for folks that know something about Mt. Rushmore but have never been there.

President Teddy Roosevelt’s glasses are clearly carved out of the Rock.  Click On the photo below to enlarge it – You’ll see his glasses too!


Mt. Rushmore Sculptors – Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln could have carved Roosevelt’s image without the glasses, however obviously choose a more challengingT_Roosevelt way to complete their multi-year work starting in 1927 and completed between 1934 and 1939.  The National Park Service along with Private Sector contributions has done an excellent Job with this national treasure.  Technically the Park is FREE however you have to pay to park ($11.00/day) in the (only) parking structure there.  At night they offer a special lighted ceremony (it’s very Patriotic) sure to warm the hearts of our American Vets.  Mt. Rushmore, their parking structure and a very nice Exhibit Hall – is all that is there in this part (Black Hills) of South Dakota – the closest town is a town called Keystone, SD and it’s down the road about 5 miles from Mt. Rushmore (aerial photo below).  With a little investigation you can also find places to take photos of Mt. Rushmore from angles you might not have known are possible!


Photo Credit Below – Volkan Yukel


SCOTUS – What you need to know

by  Clayton Moore

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down several of their decisions at the end of last month – June 2014.  (Click Here)

There is one decision handed down – the (Hobby Lobby) case that caught the ECT’s attention because of how it was reported by the media.

The Case in short – 1st Amendment (Religious Freedom) vs. the legal requirements of Obamacare.

Obama Judges

This Case and the Decision was so poorly reported in the media – it needs to be covered in this weeks ECT so you can factually understand what the Supremes (5-4) ruled.

The Constitutional question:  Can a privately held company (Hobby Lobby) be compelled by the Government to (pay for) Contraceptives that are in conflict with their Religious beliefs?

The Supreme’s Answer:  No.  (5-4)

Now for the Interesting Part – the left-leaning media – completely and deliberately misinformed Americans!

What you need to know.  The Facts of their Ruling.

FACT:  There are a class of “contraceptives” (~4 different pills/choices) that are specifically designed to terminate a pregnancy immediately AFTER fertilization of any egg by a sperm.  The so called “day after” pill, among others.

FACT:  The Religious belief (protected by our 1st Amendment) held by the Plaintiff’s (Hobby Lobby) is that – “life begins at Fertilization/Conception” – and that any Contraceptive specifically designed to terminate that pregnancy/fertilization – amounts to (in their Religious Belief) an Abortion.

FACT:  The Court ruled (5-4) that Hobby Lobby (as an employer) cannot be compelled to pay for (under Obamacare) those specific (post-fertilization) contraceptives for their employees.

Got it?

FACT:  Pre-fertilization contraceptives are still paid for by Hobby Lobby (and the rest of employers) under Obamacare.  Other employers can now choose to pay for (or not) the Post-Fertilization contraceptives objected to by the Plaintiff (Hobby Lobby).

FACT:  There has been zero change in the access and commercial availability of all Contraceptives to women and men under this very limited ruling.  Fact is, Women desiring a Post-Fertilization contraceptive can still easily get them – they just have to pay for them, themselves…or (example) visit Planned Parenthood.

FACT:  The (5-4) Ruling was limited to “who can be compelled to pay for what” under Obamacare.

Now for how the left leaning Media (led by public statements from Hillary Clinton) reported this Supreme Court Ruling…

1 – As some sort of continuing “war on women”!

2 –  That women would no longer have access to contraceptives they could easily buy the week before!  Or under Obamacare – could possibly have someone else pay for.

The lying and disingenuous nature of the liberal media in the Country is alarming.  They simply have an agenda to promote – and lying publically and repeatedly to promote that liberal agenda is completely unacceptable – and the ECT will add – insulting to reasonable and intelligent women everywhere.

The ECT has our own agenda.  It’s called “telling the truth”.  And we do.

You can leave an (anonymous or otherwise) Comment in the left margin of this ECT report.

Denver – Last Week

by   Clayton Moore

Here’s some news from Denver last week – the Fishwrap folks would prefer you not know about…

Obamacare Signups in Denver?  Why pay for medical insurance – when you can always signup for the “free stuff” – Medicaid…  Just (Click on) the graphic below to read the entire Denver Post story…


Below from the Denver Post – just (Click On) the graphic to read the entire DP story.

Bottom Line?  Colorado’s new Pot Tax (54%) below what the proponents of “legal” Pot sales in Colorado…told you they would collect…


Denver Public Schools – hiring Illegals…as a Teacher for your child’s Public School education.  Click On the graphic below to read story.


Colorado’s State Legislature Shows – South Carolina how to do it!

by  Clayton Moore

What’s good for the Goose…

Everyone paying attention here in Colorado – knows our democrat controlled State House and liberal Governor – violated current Federal Drug Law (read: Federal Statute) with their new 2013 State Laws on the possession and use of Marijuana….


So now it appears that South Carolina’s State Legislature is prepared to pass their own State law – that will ALSO be in violation of a current Federal Statue – Obamacare.


What you need to know about South Carolina…They have a GOP Governor – Nikki Haley and a GOP controlled State Legislature.

Dateline:  April 2013 – South Carolina, House Bill 3101 “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act” passed by a 65-34 vote.  That Bill is now headed to the South Carolina State Senate, controlled by the GOP.  When signed into Law by GovernorNikki-Haley Haley (R)  – South Carolina will become the first State to exempt Citizens and Businesses from all participation in the Affordable Care Act….according to the Daily Caller story (Click Here) from last week. (ECT exclusive – Gov. Haley’s photo from her last trip to Eagle County, Colorado)

Welcome to America’s era of Government by Agenda.  Ushered in by the current Whitehouse Administration, and their use of Presidential decrees and Executive Orders violating current laws, ignoring enforcing others (Federal Immigration Laws) it’s simply Government by Agenda in America today.

Stick Around – ECT readers – it will be interesting to watch the reaction of the White House on this new South Carolina Law.

Historical Factoid:  April 12th 1861, Charleston, South Carolina.  Union Fort Sumter was bombarded by a much larger Confederate Force, and the Union was forced to surrender their Fort.  Most historians mark this battle as the beginning of the American Civil War.

Also of Note:  The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is known as the “States Rights” Amendment ratified on December 15th 1791 – exactly 222 years (do the day) – the ECT wrote this report…

Colorado’s – Mental Illness–Not Improving

Can you imagine…

A happy, well adjusted teenager raised by a Mom and Dad very much involved in the development and growth of their child – walking into a School, with the intent of killing others, then killing themselves?

Of course not.

The point is…the underlying cause of these continuing Colorado Massacres…is the result of some form of Mental Illness on the part of these deranged killers.

– 1999 Colorado Columbine High School Massacre (Click Here)

– 2012 Colorado Aurora Movie Theater Shooting (Click Here)

– Last Friday’s (13DEC2013) Colorado High School shooting (Click Here)

– Think it can’t/doesn’t happen in Eagle County, Colorado?  Think again.

– 2009 Long time Vail Resident – Rossi Moreau – shot and killed a Carbondale man andRossi-Moreau wounded 3 others at the Sandbar Grill in West Vail (Click Here) .

Q.)  So what did our Colorado State Legislature do this year – to help prevent further attacks by the Mentally Deranged living in Colorado?

They passed additional Gun Control Laws in Colorado…

Do you reasonably believe that these Mentally ill gunmen actually “care” about ANY gun control laws?  This is evidence the ECT will suggest…of a different form of Mental Illness (ECT calls it:  lack of clear thinking) contracted and demonstrated by the democrat controlled Colorado State House and Senate along with the democrat in the Governors office that signed these new Bills into law.

The ECT’s Point…no real improvement in Public Safety in Colorado (nor anywhere else) can reasonably be expected until the issue of “Mental Illness” is addressed in our State and elsewhere in America.

New Laws…don’t cure, nor identify, Mental Illness.  Let’s all agree to start there…

One more Point:  Do you reasonably believe that you and your family and business will be “made more safe” by the proliferation and access to the mind altering drug THC found in Marijuana?

Why is more access to this drug even being discussed by our State and Eagle County’s elected officials?

It’s time to start thinking clearly folks.

Photo:  Vail’s Rossi Moreau at trial, found guilty on all Felony counts.  Photo Credit, Aspen Times.

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