Liquidating in Avon, Colorado

by     What’s happening to Avon’s Sales Tax Base?

Dateline:  Sunday, May 29th 2016 – Obviously a major Sports Outlet has decided there just isn’t enough business to be had in Avon, Colorado.


Sports Authority’s location in Avon had excellent Free Parking that included a Bus Stop along Avon’s Town Bus Route.   However, located directly to the left of Sports Authority is a (still vacant) big Commercial Office space that has been empty for well over a year.

Which brings the ECT the fact ECT (including everyone else) has seen ZERO Real Estate Development from Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate – who was quite active Developing in Avon a couple of years ago.


It is unlikely that Centura Health’s new (Medical Office Building – nor new Mountain Bike Trails) will compensate for the Sales Tax lost in Avon…when Sports Authority leaves Town.  Avon’s Former Police Chief – Robert Ticer has also permanently left (May 2016) Avon for new opportunities along the Front Range.  Avon’s Tax Base is in trouble – and it seems their City Council (as usual) is completely oblivious.


Vail – How High for a Helipad?

by  the fans of Igor Sikorsky

Every Reasonable Person understands the value in having in our Community – a Helipad for Colorado’s Flight for Life, that saves lives for badly injured folks.

The tricky question is – where best to put it?

The ECT doesn’t know the best answer for that very tricky Public Safety question.

Today’s Eagle County “Flight for Life” Helipad is in Vail, near the Vail Hospital.  There is also an additional Helipad at the base of Beaver Creek Resort near Rte. 6.

Below from the Vail Helipad in use today.

Yes, an idling Helicopter is that NOISY!

Some folks (for the obvious reason) believe that a Hospital (roof top) may be the best choices…It might be in some cases…but not in all cases.


Because sometimes imperfect things can happen with Helicopters landing and taking off from the top of buildings.  Even in very good weather as this April 9th 2014 video shows!

Below from the University of New Mexico Hospital’s roof – April 9th 2014.

What the ECT folks have learned from studying some of these Helicopter Crash videos from YouTube….

There are many published YouTube Helicopter (crash videos) that show – neither bad weather, nor Pilot error seem to be the cause.

Rather, Helicopter mechanical problems during take off and or landing that seem to have been responsible for the crash.  Malfunctioning “tail rotors” causing the Helicopter to spin out of control before the crash seems to have happen a lot more than once…   (Click Here) and you’ll see what the ECT is talking about – and you can draw your own conclusions from the (many+1) published Helicopter crash videos.

Where best to put a new Vail Helipad?  The ECT doesn’t know.  What we do know is that careful consideration of this topic needs to take place in the interests of all our Public Safety.

To learn more about the current Vail Proposal to move the existing Vail Helipad to the top of a Hospital building (that hasn’t been built yet) – (Click Here)

The Proposed new Vail neighborhood Helicopter Flight Path – should this new Helipad be built? (Click Here)

One current Vail proposal…is east of Vail’s Evergreen Lodge and just west of the Weststar Bank building (108 South Frontage Road/West) as shown below.


Jeanne McQueeney – Prepared to Resign

by  Clayton Moore

Mc-Queeney-ECT-PhotoJeanne McQueeney – is running to be elected (Nov. 2014) as your next Eagle County Commissioner.

Ms. McQueeney – is also (currently) serving as your elected Public School Board President.

Last week Ms. McQueeney – answered the question – put to her, by the –

Q.)  Should you be elected as the next Eagle County Commissioner – will you RESIGN your current elected position on the Public School Board?

Please (Click On) the graphic below to enlarge it.


To Be FAIR to Ms. McQueeney – she also address concerns put to her Commissioner Campaign about (monies) her Non-Profit currently receives in the form of Grants from Eagle County today.

ECT’s Background Report on that subject is (Click Here)

ECT readers interested in Ms. McQueeney’s (verbatim) answers to the questions about Eagle County Grant Monies – received by Ms. McQueeney’s (non-profit) – and our School Board, can be read below.

Ms. McQueeney’s verbatim answers submitted to the ECT last week – can be read by (Clicking Here).

Avon’s Town Council – Won’t Listen

by  the Fans of Rod Serling

Imagine if you Will…you’re living in a Town where your elected Town Council – just won’t listen!

– Where Multi-Million dollar cost overruns are just ignored by the Council in charge of managing to prevent them.  (Click Here)

– Where Multi-Million dollar Capital Construction contract was awarded to “one of their own” – a sitting Avon Town Council member.

– Where Millions in additional long term Avon DEBT – is issued against your real Avon Property in the form of ‘Certificates of Participation’ – you, Avon Property owner get the bill – but don’t get a Vote!

– Where handing a Canadian Company ~$40,000.00 for the design of a new Town Logo – instead of holding a local CONTEST among our Students to design a new Avon logo for thousands – less.

-Where Avon Citizens line up – one after the other – to speak during the Public Hearings of their elected Government.  And then are summarily IGNORD.


That place today (doesn’t exist in the Twilight Zone) it exists in Avon, Colorado today.  Long time Real Estate professional – Bob West – at the Avon podium.


The current Avon Council – doesn’t listen – however rest assured Avon Taxpayer – this current Council – doesn’t ignore what you have to say – on an empty stomach!


THERE IS GOOD NEWS TO REPORT! –   (4) Town of Avon Council seats are up for election this November 4th 2014.

Avon Taxpayers and Voters – would be VERY WISE – to elect (4) NEW Council members determined to change the way that Avon – does business.!

News about local 1% ers…

by  the Town of Gypsum

Shopping in Gypsum, Colorado just got a little more affordable.

As of June 1st 2014 – the Town of Gypsum lowered their own Sales Tax rate by 1%.

Why?  Because the new debt that Gypsum took on – to pay for their Rec Center has since been paid off!

ECT says Good!  ECT folks like the idea of having our next trip to the Gypsum Costco – be a little less expensive.  Per below (just Click On) the graphic…We’ll all be paying a total of 7.4% for all Sales Tax (Town, County, State) at the Costco check out.

This now in contrast to the 9.549% you pay in Sales Tax – at the Avon Wal~Mart thanks to the combined (litigious) efforts of Avon developer Traer Creek and the worst Town Council in Eagle County – Avon’s.   Avon?  New dirt bike trails?  As far as the ECT is concerned – our County needs another dirt bike trail – like we need another Real Estate agent.  Stop dealing in dirt Avon City Council and focus on something that effects us all – try lowering our Sales Tax rate!

Avon’s sales Tax Rate?   Something to consider the next time your ride needs (4) new tires…


Does this seem, Fair to you?

by   no fan of the EPA

Chicago vs.  Eagle County, Colorado

Update:  9:22AM – Monday – 17MAR2014 – A correction is needed for our Report this week.  Please see the comments (left margin) for the ECT Correction in this Report.

FACTOID:  Due to the collective efforts of EPA Regulations and a compliant Colorado State Legislature…Customer’s of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District have had to Bond (this year) for $25 Million Dollars to remove dissolved Nitrogen (among other things) from the Water in Gore Creek and the Eagle River.  Why?  Because the EPA says so…

Meanwhile back in Chicago, Illinois – March 2014 – Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


The Chicago River of course – originally emptied into Lake Michigan (see Comments – Left Margin).  Just (Click On) the graphic above to read the entire story…

Please contact the ECT if you have any information – about how the EPA chooses to enforce their clean water regulations…


Transparency at the EC School District?

by  Clayton Moore

Follow-up from last weeks report on the ECT’s “open records request” to our Eagle County School District.

(Click Here) for last week’s very well documented report.

The ECT folks proved that our Eagle County School District – was NOT in compliance with Colorado’s CORA – (Colorado Open Records Act)

So what did the EC District do – when faced with this fact?

Answer:  They never formally contacted the ECT (with their answer) after the ECT submitted our request, HOWEVER the District did reply to the ECT’s reasonable Tax question – on their District’s web site.  (Click On below) to go to the District’s web site to read their entire answer.

Open And Transparent Governance at our School District?  Why so difficult for our School District to reply to the ECT?  The District has a full-time paid “Director of Communication” – Mr. Dan Dougherty flat did not reply, after being asked!  Isn’t that (in part) part of his job to answer Reasonable Requests for the District?

Know This…the fact that the ECSD did answer the ECT’s reasonable Property TaxJeanne-McQueeney-photo question – covers the district LEGALLY.  However it did nothing to enhance the District’s relationship with the County’s independent media.

One more very important point:  The President of your School Board is now running as a Candidate for Eagle County Commissioner.  She was copied on all our emails and correspondence during our Open Records Request – and NEVER replied to any of the ECT’s emails.

Our question to Ms. McQueeney is this – If this is the kind of “Open and Transparent” governance you show the local media during your Campaign…just what can voters/taxpayers expect if you are elected as our next Eagle County Commissioner?

Please just Click On the graphic below to read the answer from the District!


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