Transforming in Vail’s – Blue Sky Basin

by  the Fans of Blue Sky and 60 Hertz

The ECT folks took a break to enjoy all the fresh snow in Vail’s Blue Sky Basin it opened for Skiers this week.

ECT thought you’d like to see the difference in Blue Sky Basin – December vs. April.  Yup, that’s the Electrical Power Transformer that makes sure “Pete’s Lift” in Blue Sky is powered up and running.  (just Click on the photo to enlarge it)


Here’s a look at the same Transformer during April 2016.  That snow is “packed down” around it – it’s not piled up by a snow cat…It’s the highest point on Vail Mountain.  -CM



One Year Ago – Eagle County – November 7th 2015

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

Sometimes when looking ahead it’s useful to look a bit behind.

Dateline:  November 7th 2015, Viewing Beaver Creek (left) and Bachelor Gulch (center)


13 Days Later…was Vail’s 2015 Season Opener – Friday, November 20th 2015 – By comparison, 2016’s Opener for Vail is Friday, November 18th 2016

Vail’s Chair 11 (Northwoods Express) was running on Opening Day 2015.


Our friends at the National Weather Service – (Grand Junction Office) – have their longer range Forecast for this month of November 2016.

(Click Here)




Marching with the 10th Mountain Division

by  Videographer John LaConte

John LaConte takes us on a HD Video Expedition to Camp Hale in Eagle County, Colorado.  Camp Hale was the home of the training center for the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division before the Division was deployed to fight Europe during WWII.

FACTOID:   With the U.S. Army’s 157th Infantry out of Grand Junction, Colorado now under the umbrella of the 10th, the legendary Ski Troopers now have a Battalion in Colorado once again.    Camp Hale now included in our Nation’s – National Register of Historic Places.

Halloween in Minturn, Colorado

by  Jimmy Olson Photography

Dateline:  Sunday, October 30th 2016 – Halloween is on tonight for kids all over Eagle County as they descend on the Town of Minturn, Colorado for a good time and plenty of Haunted Houses and Candy for the kids!

Some of our favorite Haunted Houses are here!  As always just CLICK ON the photos below to enlarge them!


Don’t Lose your Head at this House!


Care to Pet my Dog?  He’s (she’s?) on a Leash!


Morgue to tell about this house!


Watch out for this Grave Yard!


Hey!  Who put this Tree Here?


Colorado "Election Tech" – Check to see if your Ballot is being Counted!

by the Fans of Eagle County Clerk and Recorder – Teak Simonton (photo)

Teak-SimontonIt only takes a minute to see if your Ballot that you Mailed back into Eagle County – has been received and is being Counted!

Go Here:

Or just (CLICK HERE)  – Now just enter your Name, Zip Code and your Birthdate and click “Search”.  The next page shows if the Eagle County Ballot Counters have received your Ballot and if it is being Counted!


Clerk Teak Simonton has assured the ECT folks that any Ballot returned with just (1) First Class U.S. Mail Stamp – WILL MAKE IT TO Eagle County – to be counted.  Don’t worry about any extra Postage!

Altruistic Local Campaign Endorsements? Not Really

by  Clayton Moore

Sometimes your have to “look under the covers”.

In this case the documented information – was hidden (discovered) “out in the open” – specifically online at the the Eagle County School District’s (monthly Check Register) time frame: Circa 2016

It is an excruciating and tedious job looking through their spending Check Register – however the ECT did find some things worth reporting.

DISCLAIMER:  ECT not telling anyone how to Vote on the School District Tax Ballot questions.

What the ECT discovered…

The so called “Walking Mountains Science Center” (staff) – has written more then (1) letter encouraging Voters to Vote for the District’s (2) Ballot Questions – that constitute the largest single Property Tax increase in the history of Eagle County.


So, what the ECT discovered reviewing the District Check Register is that Walking Mountains can accurately be described as “a business partner” of our School District.  Plenty of District money being paid for monthly School “Field Trips” to the Walking Mountains campus in Avon.  Just so you know.  ECT will not make a “value judgment” on this arrangement – only to report that it happens.  A lot.  (Click on the Graphic Below) to enlarge it.


Our School District also saw fit to spend your hard earned Tax Money you paid them to buy “ONE Table” at the Walking Mountains “Taste of Nature” event.  $3,000.00  (Click on the Graphic Below) to enlarge it.


Vail Resorts has also been a VERY VOCAL SUPPORTER of the District’s Proposed Tax Increases – Isn’t that right – Ms. Kristin Kenny Williams (VP, Mountain Community Affairs – Vail Resorts)

Vail Resorts also enjoys a friendly Business Relationship with our School District as well.  A payment from the District’s coffers for $10,950.00 last April 2016 – presumably for “Learn to Ski” services from the month before in March 2016.  (Click on the Graphic Below to enlarge it)


So just keep in mind as you work to complete your Ballot – not every letter of endorsement is based on Unselfish, Altruistic interests…

To review a very brief summary of what the ECT discovered in our School Districts – Taxpayer funded check register  (Click Here)






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