EC Sheriff James van Beek – High Roller Week

by  the fans of Facebook

When he’s not busy putting the bad guys in Jail – Eagle County Sherriff James van  Beek is busy hangin’ with the High Rollers.  That’s Jame’s wife Carrie, on the right making sure the Donald behaves himself.  On the left?  James showing V.P Candidate and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that white hair complements a Red Tie – quite nicely.  The ECT will insist that the Trump/Pence ticket has no problem in the company of Law Enforcement.  Their opponents?  Well…much more likely to be seen running away from Law Enforcement…and any new Congressional Hearings.

Other interesting News?    What you may not know is…the number of times Trump’s


Boeing 757-200    (  N757AF  )  has visited here at our Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE) over the last couple of years.  (Click on the graphics below to enlarge them)  By the ECT’s count about (5) visits to KEGE and about (4) high altitude – flybys over Eagle County, Colorado.  Yes, the ECT has friends who have built an ADS-B Radio aircraft Tracking system (ECT calls it a digital “Trump Tracker”).



Vail’s 50th Birthday – in Photos

by  Jimmy Olsen Photography

How to Look Good – after 50 Years in Vail?

Answer:  Hang Out with Photogenic  Tricia Swenson, that’s how!

Nobody knows that better than current Vail Town Manager (Left – Stan Zemler and Right – KZYR’s Tony Mauro – MC of Vail’s Birthday Events at Donovan Park last evening!


Town of Vail’s Staff also made sure Birthday Party  attendees – could have their Cupcakes and Eat ‘em too!


Former Vail Mayor – Rod Slifer was on hand showing off his “parade wave”

No doubt about it – Rod is the original “Lifer at Slifer” 


Under the watchful eyes of Merv Lapin…Vail’s first resident Doctor – Tom Steinberg (foreground) was in attendance too.  Yes, that’s Dr. Jack Eck standing to the left of Merv Lapin, right behind Dr. Tom.


Here are a few more of the ECT’s favorite photos from Vail’s Birthday Party!


3 ‘Must See’ Photos from last week

by  Sunsets and Star Gazers

The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower culminated last week – August 11,12 and 13th where local Star Gazers were out with their Digital Camera’s ‘round midnight’ in Gypsum, Colorado.  Just (Click On) the photo below to enlarge it.  Note the Shooting Stars at the top and right above the obvious Milky Way.  Shooting Star rates can be as high as 60 or more per hour during Perseid.


Meanwhile – the Sunset on Thursday, August 11th was photographed on the RidgeLine between the Singletree and WildRidge neighborhoods.


The gentleman who took the top Meteor photo is an EXPERT with – Photoshop.  He doesn’t like “Dates” on photos nor Towers on RidgeLines.  So he did something about it and here is his result.  Click On the Photo below to enlarge it – note the Shooting Star added to the top right of our Sunset.  WOW!


Bambi and friends vs. Local Mountain Bikers

HUH?  Bambi and friends vs. Local Mountain Bikers?

It’s True.  And Colorado’s Department of Wildlife is involved as well.


(Click Here) to read the DOW report – about the plan to encroach/severely impact even more Mountain Bike Trails into the Wildlife Habitat in Avon’s (WildRidge) neighborhood.

Bottom Line:  The DOW report IS NOT in favor of all the new/additional proposed Mountain Bike Trails.

The so called “Lower WildRidge” is a favorite playground for local Mountain Bikers offering current Bike Trails from our Valley Floor to roughly “Mid-WildRidge” about 500 Feet above the Valley Floor.

The proposed plan currently under review by Avon’s (Planning and Zoning Commission) includes expanding several Mountain Bike Trails to the top of WildRidge and higher!


Wildlife has always been a part of living in and around this Avon neighborhood.  Whether it’s Mule Deer during the day or nocturnal Bobcats in your WildRidge back yard – there can be little doubt – that more Bike Trails will not improve the Habitat for these indigenous animals.  If you would like to support this Wildlife Habitat in Avon – please plan to attend Avon’s (Planning and Zoning Meeting) this Tuesday, August 16th 2016 – starting at 5PM at the Avon Municipal Building.  Public Input is first up at this meeting.  Make your voice heard and defend our Natural Wildlife Habitat in WildRidge!

Wildlife Photo Disclaimer:  All Wildlife Photos here were taken in WildRidge on both WildRidge Road (east) and Bear Trap.

(Photo Credit – Rick Spitzer – for more info (Click Here)



Cordillera – Back into the Court House

by  the fans of Paul Drake and Della Street

Perhaps it was inevitable.

The assistance of the Judges at our District Courthouse has now formerly been requested.  District Court Judge Paul Dunkleman has since been assigned this case, August 12th 2016.


At Issue:  Tthe allowable “use by right” that may (one day?) transform the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera – into kind of a high-end/high-roller “drug rehab facility” for extended stay rehab patients.  The current owner of the Lodge (Behringer Harvard Cordillera, LLC) has struggled for years to make a reasonable annual profit.  The ECT has been told that BH/Cordillera has entered into an current contract to sell their Lodge and Spa to (CCG – Concerted Care Group Management – out of Baltimore, MD.)  It s not known at this time (13AUG2016) if the Sale to CCG has been completed…Nor has it been disclosed publicly what the actual purchase price is…


Cordillera home owner (Michelle Larson) has filed as the Plaintiff against Defendant – Eagle County, Colorado including our (3) elected Eagle County Commissioners.  (2) of which are up for re-election this November 2016.  Ms. Larson’s home in Cordillera is physically close to the Lodge at Cordillera.  (Click Here) for a copy of that new Lawsuit.

Background:  Eagle County’s Planning Department has already delivered (in writing) their “OK” “use by right” based on their review of the Cordillera PUD (Planned Unit Development).  That’s what triggered this new lawsuit.

 Today (13AUG2016) there are plenty of “unknowns”.

1-  To date, has the Sale been completed?

2 – If the sale has NOT been completed – will a potential (multi-million dollar investor) stay interested in funding this Purchase – given the likelihood of years of litigation ahead?

3 –  Fact is…Before this Lawsuit was filed – the Eagle County Commissioners scheduled a Public Hearing for (September 20th 2016) on this “use by right” topic.  Unlikely the ECT insists that Eagle County Attorney (Brian Treu) will endorse this scheduled meeting – now that the Commissioners have been formally named as Defendants in this case.  ECT expects that meeting will be cancelled.  No doubt to the great relief of the (2) County Commissioners running for re-election this November.

4 – Given the fact that a formal lawsuit is now filed…and should the developer try (now) to break ground and move ahead…a formal/legal – request for Injunction (to stop the developer) could be filed at the Courthouse –  Judge Dunkleman would then decide what to do…

Time will tell.  Interested parties are encouraged to share their (public record) documentation with the ECT for further discussion and review.


From the Street

Quote of the Week:  If you ever feel completely useless…just remember somebody else was chosen as the LifeGuard at the Olympic Swimming Events!

Eagle County Healthcare:   If you and your family have ever felt “fleeced” by what the Vail Hospital charges for Medical Services – you’re not alone.

In Fact, there is a new (local) website you might want to visit and keep track of….


They’ve cataloged (Vail Valley Medical Center – Vail Hospital) Financials – Payroll numbers for their top Administrators and an area where you can “speak your mind” online.  ECT tip:  Check it out.   The money you may save – will stay with your Family and your Business.

Time for some “Churchin’ Up” Eagle County Taxpayers!

St. Clare Parish in Edwards – dedicated their new Grotto this past Sunday.

ECT folks considered this fact – an undisputed MIRACLE in our Community

How So?

1 –  New Grotto – Constructed and Built at ZERO cost to the Eagle County Taxpayer

2 – No demands for additional “affordable housing” were made during Construction

3 –  There is PLENTY OF FREE PARKING in front of the new Grotto

4 –  It’s 100% FREE -You don’t need an EpicMix Ski Pass nor Parking Permit to visit and enjoy it.

ECT believes the Town of Vail Planners (might?) benefit from the example of St. Clare’s…  For more Photos of the Dedication (Click Here)   -CM


 How Does Beaver Creek’s Ambassador to Fun (Helmut Fricker) – “Warm Up” for next months OctoberFest Event?

Answer:  He takes a break for some scrumptious Gelato from Beaver Creek’s Rimini Shop on a warm August afternoon!  Yummy!




Vail Resorts to Buy – Whistler Blackcomb

by     My EpicMix Ski Pass might also work where?

ECT News Flash – Monday, August 8th 2016

To Read the News Story (Reuters) just (Click Here)

ECT Comment:  Apparently – when dealing in a “world-wide” Market – there are no AntiTrust legal concerns when putting a purchase agreement together.

If anyone has photos of what the Skier Parking is like (Costs?) at Whistler Blackcomb please email the ECT – with that information.


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