Apparently our Public School District – Doesn’t want you to know…or Consider

OBTW – did you know that the Apostle St. Matthew was a – Tax Collector… before you know WHO got a hold of him?

To Date – no one has shared this factual information below with you – not the School District, nor their Superintendent, not the Fishwrap folks.

So Let’s begin.

What you Know:  Eagle County’s Public School District convinced the “majority voter” to vote for (2) Property Tax Increases – Ballot Issues (3A & 3B) last November 2016.  You also know that – that Tax Increase, increased your Property Taxes – our School District Mill Levy increased from (20.311 in 2016) to now (25.209 in January 2017).

What you Don’t Know:  That Property Tax Increase is “not enough” to cover both Ballot Issues (3A & 3B).  Turns out it’s barely enough to cover the annual cost of (3A) the $8Million Annually of increased expenses at our Public School District.  What about the cost of (3B)?  Our School District “bonded” for 3B at the end of January 2017 for an additional ~$144Million Dollars of long term Debt – levied against your Eagle County Residential and Commercial Property.   Frankly, at the time (early January 2017) our EC Treasurer’s Office (while working with our EC Assessors office) was not able to calculate the required additional Mill Levy to cover the annual debt service of (3B).

BOTTOM LINE:   Your Eagle County Public School District Mill Levy is going to increase (again) in January 2018 – and you and the ECT will have absolutely NO SAY in that additional increase you’ll be required to (start) paying in the next 12 months.  Congratulations, EC Majority Voter.  If you’re a Renter – don’t worry – you’ll be hearing from your landlord soon enough.

YOUR COST OF LIVING IS GOING TO RISE:  Looking for more good news?  OK, per Colorado State Statute – this 2017 is a “property re-evaluation year” for the entire State of Colorado.  Most likely (according to the EC Assessors Office) your existing property will be valuated HIGHER, resulting in higher Property Taxes – ACROSS THE BOARD in January 2018.  So, local Renters if you or someone you know voted for (3A & 3B) they just made it much more expensive to BUY a home and more expensive to live in it.  Apparently the economic concept of “cause and effect” is no longer taught in our Public Schools – nor our liberal Universities.  Can you think of another explanation, ECT reader?  Let us know, leave a comment.

The FISHWRAP FOLKS and their ILK (local Realtors) are always happy to point out your homes (alleged appreciation in value) however NEVER want to discuss the CONSEQUENCES of that increased value of your PROPERTY.

JethroIf you or you know someone (who is currently a Renter) here in Eagle County – and Voted for both (3A & 3B) – the ECT offers this short (YouTube) video explaining the concept of “Cause and Effect”, thanks to Elementary School Teacher – Ms. Carrie Carter. 

Next weeks lesson?  You can’t make something more affordable (like housing) – by making it more expensive

Exploring – Avon Elementary

by –  a teaching moment MISSED?

For the Record…the ECT does NOT KNOW how to be an Elementary School Principal. 

The ECT believes that our Avon Elementary Principal – Mr. Roy Getchell (below) may have missed an important teaching moment from a few days ago…

The ECT believes Principal Getchell should have told our Elementary Students to use “Red Tape” (the only Real Product of Government) to explain to our young Students – what our current President is trying to “undo” – due to 8 years of what his predecessor did…Cause and Effect, indeed.  (photo credit Vail Daily)


An Unexpected First – Advancing the Cause of Women’s Fashion

Well…the Political Left and Right can certainly agree on this.

Our new First Lady – Melania Trump – has certainly advanced the cause of Women’s Fashion on this – the first day of the Trump Presidency.  Ralph Lauren created Melania’s cashmere dress for an outdoor Inauguration in Washington, during January.

Scroll down to the bottom of this photo – note how “in step” these two are with each other.  Well done.



New Years 2017

There were not many “Ohio State” Jerseys being worn on Vail Mountain – this New Years Day.  Come to think of it, we didn’t see any Alabama nor Clemson Jerseys either.

If you arrived at the Vail Ski Lift at a prompt 8:30AM – you started the New Year with ZERO lift lines and just a few Skiers on the Slopes.

So far (2017) So good.  We’ll all see now – what happens after January 20th 2017.


2016 – Eagle County’s Year of "Non-Affordable Housing"

by  Clayton Moore

It’s a FACT:  2016 will go down in history as the biggest Year yet of  “Non-Affordable Housing” in Eagle County, Colorado.

This year (Nov. 2016), Eagle County Majority Voters – REJECTED en masse the Ballot Question (1A) to pay more Taxes for “Affordable Housing” INSTEAD voted for both Ballot Questions (3A & 3B) to give the EC Public School District the largest Property Tax Increase in the history Eagle County.

Your Property Taxes are going up.  Your Mortgage payment is going up.  A lot.  Renters can count on (2017) your landlord(s) willingness to share his Tax increase – targeting your monthly RENT.

Thank You Eagle County CFO (John Lewis) and EC School District (COO Sandara Mutchler) for the help with the accuracy of the numbers below, from the ECT’s accounting efforts this past week.

Eagle County School District =   RE50J School District, 015-018

The numbers below are representative of a Residential Home with a $500,000.00 value.

2016 Mill Levy 2017 Mill Levy 2016 Property Tax 2017 Property Tax % Increase  2017
20.331 25.209 $809.20 $1,003.36 24.0%

Now the new Tax Numbers for $1Million dollars of Commercial Property

2016 Mill Levy 2017 Mill Levy 2016 Property Tax 2017 Property Tax % Increase  2017
20.331 25.209 $5,895.99 $7,310.61 24.0%

Now, here is the interesting part of what the EC School District hasn’t told you (yet).

FACT:  They haven’t (yet) Bonded for Ballot Question (3B) – so it’s not reflected in the increased Tax Numbers above!  Recall the (3B) Ballot Language specified an additional $233 Million in long term debt – attached to your Property.

You, your family and your commercial business won’t “feel” that Additional Property Tax increase until your January 2018 Property Tax Bill arrives next year!

More Interesting Facts:  Our School District is under ZERO obligation to “bond for all” of the (voter approved) Debt.  Legally, they can Bond for any amount up to the $233Million repayment cost at anytime looking forward.

ECT will insist: That our School District will likely (bond for it all in January 2017) because of concerns of Increasing Interest Rates in the over all Bond Market in the months to come…Higher Bond Interest Rates simply means the District has to pay more in Interest (out of their $233 Million Debt allowance).

Affordable Housing Myth – the Untold Story in Eagle County, Colorado

Have you ever wondered WHY you never read in our Daily Fishwrap Newspaper – the liberal argument that local Eagle County Businesses “need to pay a working wage” – to their employees?

No, you’ll never read that.  Local Business owners (by and large) are happy to publically promote (read: their mouth piece –the Vail Valley Partnership’s) view that Affordable Housing is “our Community’s issue” uniquely solvable by having everyone (else) pay to solve their (employee hiring) hence employee housing cost problems.

For their part the Fishwrap folks are happy to promote this singular view (they do) because of the immense volume of paid print advertising that all these local businesses (collectively) pay into the Fishwrap – every single year.

One More Point to make…

Fact is:  Every single piece of Vail Resorts (Eagle County) Commercial Property is located inside our Public School District.  It’s Property Taxed at the 29% Rate – not to be confused with the 7.96% Rate on Residential Property.

Fact is:  Last May 2016 Eagle County Voters, voted a Property Tax increase for our Ambulance District.  All of Beaver Creek is inside that Amby District.  So?  So, shortly after that Property Tax Increase was announced  – Beaver Creek Resort Company (read: Vail Resorts) passed on some of their additional costs – by announcing that (for the first time ever) they’ll be charging Skiers $10.00/day/car to park in the formerly Free Skier Parking lots at Beaver Creek.

Now ask yourself what the cost of YOUR Skiing/Snowboarding is likely to be in Eagle County – when Vail Resorts starts passing on, their additional cost of doing business – thanks to the efforts of the (2016) Majority Voter in Eagle County.

Happy New Year


Transforming in Vail’s – Blue Sky Basin

by  the Fans of Blue Sky and 60 Hertz

The ECT folks took a break to enjoy all the fresh snow in Vail’s Blue Sky Basin it opened for Skiers this week.

ECT thought you’d like to see the difference in Blue Sky Basin – December vs. April.  Yup, that’s the Electrical Power Transformer that makes sure “Pete’s Lift” in Blue Sky is powered up and running.  (just Click on the photo to enlarge it)


Here’s a look at the same Transformer during April 2016.  That snow is “packed down” around it – it’s not piled up by a snow cat…It’s the highest point on Vail Mountain.  -CM



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