Centura Health – Answers ECT’s questions

by  ECT contributors

Dateline:  Monday, June 13th 2016

Update:  Centura Health new Medical Office Building – Avon, Colorado

Colorado Mountain Medical – is set to open their new offices on Monday, June 27th 2016 inside the new Medical Office Building in Avon.  Existing CMM clients/patients will no longer go to the current Edwards CMM offices  – as they will ALL be moved into Avon on 27JUN.

For their part – the official Centura Health offices (in the same building) will be open Thursday, July 14th 2016.  Centura will be offering BOTH – Emergency Room and Urgent Care in their Avon facility.


In today’s “Medical Services Market” it is essential that new and current Patients know “what to use” (as in) “where to go” when getting their Healthcare.

Know This:  Cost differences for the same Medical Services – can be Extreme – depending on where you go – Urgent Facility vs. Emergency Facility.

Urgent Care Facilities:  Handle non-Life Threating Medical issues (examples:  stitches, headaches, sprained ankles, allergies, upset stomach, etc)…medical issues like these – at a greatly reduced cost – when compared to…what (today’s) Hospital attached Emergency Rooms – would typically charge for servicing the same Medical issues.

Emergency Rooms:  Set up to handle the Life Threatening issues – and should not (in today’s Medical market) be used for more routine medical issues…provided you can find an Urgent Care facility (or Primary Care Physician) – reasonably close by.

The Good News:  Centura Health will be offering both Urgent Care and Emergency Room Medical Services from their new Avon – (MOB, Medical Office Building)

Special thanks to Ms. Sharon Burnette – Group Director, Marketing and Communications – Mountains and North Denver Operating Group – CH for the answers below.

ECT Questions & Answers Below

ECT:  Will both Medicare and Medicaid patients will be seen by Centura Health (CH) in Avon?

Ms. Burnette:  Yes.

ECT:  So your new Avon/MOB will offer Medical Services (competition?) on site – since a new (walk-in?) patient can choose to see a Centura Health Doctor or Colorado Mountain Medical Doctor on the 2nd floor?

Ms. Burnette:    Another large space on the first floor will be (CH) Primary Care Physicians (PCP) along with a few specialty Physicians.

CH will provide 24/7 Emergency and Urgent Care in Avon.  It is not meant to be competition for CMM, although in reality it could be seen that way as patients have a choice in where to go.  CH always encourages people see their Primary Care Physician (PCP) as a first option.  The PCP has a pre-existing Medical relationship with the patient that a new ER Physician most likely, wont have.  The Emergency and Urgent care facility is meant to provide after hours coverage and services for those people who might not have a local PCP or have an immediate Medical Emergency.

True Medical Emergencies are always covered by insurance plans.  Urgent Care can be more of an insurance by insurance basis.  Consumers/Patients should check with their insurance member benefits department to know what their co-pay and co-insurance will be for Urgent Care type Medical situations.

ECT:  What Medical Imaging will Centura Health have on site in Avon?

Ms. Burnette:  We will have Lab and X-Ray, CT capabilities (read: Computerized Tomography) on site.

ECT:   Can a patient get a Centura Health Mammogram in Avon?

Ms. Burnette:  No, Mammography will not be immediately available in Avon.  We
are still exploring offering other imaging services for the Avon facility.  We do offer a comprehensive breast imaging program with 3D technology at our St. Anthony-Hospital Summit Medical Center in Frisco, Colorado.

ECT:  Any (ASC – Ambulatory Surgery Center) planned in Avon?

Ms. Burnette:  No.  Not at this time.

ECT:  So a (new) Patient arriving by (Ambulance?) – will most likely be (ultimately) be transported to St. Anthony’s Hospital Frisco (owned by CH) for more extensive care – as driven by the Patient’s medical needs?    If yes, will CH offer a (medical services shuttle?) to transport patients from Avon to St. Anthony’s – for a new patient that doesn’t necessarily need the services of an Ambulance during transport to your (CH) Hospital in Frisco, Colorado?

Ms. Burnette:  We (CH) do not expect many patients to be transported to the Emergency and Urgent Care by an Ambulance.  If that happens, it would likely be to stabilize and transport to the nearest facility with the appropriate level of Medical Trauma care.  Emergency Medical providers have protocols established for how they determine best level of care for the specific Medical situation.  We (CH) do not dictate where transport will go.  We (CH) will not offer a shuttle other than the typical transport methods of air ambulance, ground ambulance.  This is a huge liability for those not trained in Emergency Medical care.

ECT:  What kind of (shock trauma level?)  will the CH/Avon Emergency Room be Medically classified as?

Ms. Burnette:   If Avon decides to be a legally/medically designated Trauma facility, it will be Level 4.  This decision has not been formally reached as of (9JUN2016).

ECT:  What Insurance Plans will Centura accept?

Ms. Burnette:   For purposes of Emergency and Urgent Care, we accept all insurance plans.  In an emergency situation, insurance is not a factor.  The beauty of these new Emergency and Urgent Care centers from Centura Health is that the consumer only pays for the level of care they receive.  In our centers currently open, 80% of the visits are Urgent Care and therefore have a lower co-pay and overall cost. 

The ECT will continue to report on new Medical Services Competition – to the families and businesses in Eagle County.

Feel free to submit your questions via email to the ECT:   Clayton   -at-     EagleCountyTimes.com

Cordillera Homeowners vs. Concerted Care Group

by  Clayton Moore

There is plenty of dissatisfaction in Cordillera today.

Developer – Concerted Care Group (Baltimore) has a proposal to transform Cordillera’s “Lodge and Spa at Cordillera” into a kind of high end (Heroin & Opiate Addiction/Alcohol) Rehab Center  – and it’s causing plenty of consternation among some Cordillera Property Owners.

Background:  The “Lodge and Spa at Cordillera” has struggled to make a profit for years.  It’s also the same facility in Eagle County where Basketball legend – Kobe Bryant got himself into serious legal troubles a few years ago.

Of Politics?  Of Courtrooms?

There can be little doubt that this (approve? disapprove?) final decision may ultimately end up in (a Courtroom?) or possibly in front of our (3) elected County Commissioners.  2 of the Commissioners are up for re-election this November 2016 (Kathy Chandler-Henry & Jill Ryan).  Time will tell. 

Some of the Players…

Obviously the proposed developer/new buyer, Concerted Care Group has hired Eagle County (local) Dominic Mauriello (Mauriello Planning Group, LLC) to help navigate their development reviews and approvals through Eagle County’s “Zoning Board of Adjustment” and associated County bureaucracy.  (Click Here)  Additionally, and for the record, Dominic’s wife (Diane Mauriello – a very nice lady) works in the Eagle County’s Attorney’s Office as an “Assistant Attorney”.  (Click Here)

Score a preliminary (yes?) in favor of Concerted Care?

At the request of the Mauriello Planning Group (for Concerted Care Group)…Mr. Robert Narracci (Managing Director of Eagle County’s Community Development, wrote in his June 1st 2016 letter that…Robert-Narracci(Just Click On – the Graphic above to read Mr. Narracci’s entire letter)

Now things get a bit Tricky…

From Randy Wyrick’s story on June 14th…(Click Here) – It is unknown if (on June 1st 2016) Eagle County’s – Managing Director of Eagle County’s Community Development had access to the information printed in Wyrick’s story…specifically


Now balance Mr. Nordheimer’s (alleged) statement above– with the  (above) documented Cordillera PUD language for “outpatient facilities for non-critical care”.   Mr. Nordheimer is the CEO of Concerted Care Group.  Indeed, a reasonable person may now be wondering what the cost of genuine “critical care” at Mr. Nordheimer’s proposed new facility – might be – if the cost of “non-critical care” is as high as $2,000/night for (inpatient) Drug Addiction treatment including Opiate Withdrawal.

Per Below – and in the “traditional sense” how many typical/U.S. wide “clinic and outpatient facilities for non-critical care” – have proposed “around the clock security guards”?  


Now questions of Money and Financing – $70 Million Dollars

Nordheimer-Comments-2-14JUN2016According to Concerted Care’s company web site 14JUN2016 (Click Here)  Concerted has exactly (1) operating treatment Clinic – in inner city Baltimore (428 E. 25th Street – Baltimore, Md. 21218) – of which Randy Wyrick’s story claims Mr. Nordheimer spent “$8.6 Million to create (2) treatment facilities in a low-income neighborhood.”  Concerted’s website also is advertising two additional new facilities “Coming Soon” (Washington, DC Metro and on Maryland’s Eastern Shore).

Some folks who spoke to the ECT are now wondering (who?) is prepared to offer Concerted Care an (additional?) $70 Million in (proposed construction/remodel financing?) to make their proposed facility a reality in Cordillera.

ECT will point out it is 100% Legal and possible that should (Concerted Care) get the required “approvals” – Concerted could then sell (flip it?) the Development Rights to another Developer who has (quick access) to any required Financing…

Time will Tell.  Stay tuned.  This one is just getting started.


Memorial Day 2016 – Freedom Park Ceremonies

by   Jimmy Olsen Photography

Pat Hammon VFW post 10721 (photo) and Rabbi Joel Newman (USN – Ret.) – led the Eagle County Memorial Day Ceremonies at Freedom Park in Edwards – at 3PM on Monday, May 30th 2016.  Several members of our Community – Veterans, local First Responders (and families) where in attendance at today’s Ceremony.


(Rabbi – Joel Newman)


Liquidating in Avon, Colorado

by     What’s happening to Avon’s Sales Tax Base?

Dateline:  Sunday, May 29th 2016 – Obviously a major Sports Outlet has decided there just isn’t enough business to be had in Avon, Colorado.


Sports Authority’s location in Avon had excellent Free Parking that included a Bus Stop along Avon’s Town Bus Route.   However, located directly to the left of Sports Authority is a (still vacant) big Commercial Office space that has been empty for well over a year.

Which brings the ECT the fact ECT (including everyone else) has seen ZERO Real Estate Development from Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate – who was quite active Developing in Avon a couple of years ago.


It is unlikely that Centura Health’s new (Medical Office Building – nor new Mountain Bike Trails) will compensate for the Sales Tax lost in Avon…when Sports Authority leaves Town.  Avon’s Former Police Chief – Robert Ticer has also permanently left (May 2016) Avon for new opportunities along the Front Range.  Avon’s Tax Base is in trouble – and it seems their City Council (as usual) is completely oblivious.


Hillary’s Documented Felonies

by     the Office of the Inspector General – U.S. State Department

Of course the ECT has a copy of that recent (May 2016) Report by the OIG.  Where are the Fishwrap folks on this?  No doubt too busy trying to decide – which Bathroom they’d like to use today…


(Click Here)

Re:  Hillary’s illegal use of a private (unsanctioned by our State Department) email server – that was used to traffic State Department – Classified Information.

The PDF Report is a bit long (83 pages) however ECT recommends you start with page (34) – Where you’ll find…

“Three Officials Exclusively Used Non-Departmental Systems for Day-to-Day Operations”

Some of Hillary’s illegal actives – documented there.  All Felonies.  Simply put: to violate the Federal Records Act – is to violate the Law.   ECT readers will also recall that Hillary and some of her (then) top aids at the State Department – have since REFUSED to be interviewed by OIG personnel.  (Click Here)  Hillary still insists she’s done “nothing wrong”.

ECT says:  Decide for yourself.  Read the Report.


Spring Weather In Eagle County, Colorado – 2016

ECT’s Photos – tell the Weather story for the Spring of 2016.  It’s obviously been Cooler and Cloudier than usual this Spring – A-Basin “the Legend” will Ski well into June along the Continental Divide in Summit County.

Mid Valley – Avon’s Post Office May 22nd 2016


Eagle River Flows – Just below Dowd Junction – May 22nd 2011


Eagle River Flows – Just below Dowd Junction – May 22nd 2016



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