Dirty Little Secret – in Ballot Issue (1A)

by  Clayton Moore

If you’re still wondering how a Ballot Issue (1A) is going to promote more “Affordable Housing” here in Eagle County (by Raising Taxes even higher)…the ECT this week – will ask you to consider ANOTHER FACT about Ballot Issue – (1A).  Per the highlighted Ballot Language below…some of this proposed new Tax Money – can be used to “Acquire Land for Future Housing Units”.


Ballot-Issue-1A-ExposedDoesn’t Eagle County (already) have a Tax – an “Open Space” Tax – uniquely designed to take Millions of your Tax Money – for the sole purpose of removing Developable Land off the Market – to be permanently used as Eagle County “Open Space”?

Fact is:  Eagle County Employee (Toby Sprunk) is Eagle County’s “Open Space” Director at over $100K/year!  (Click Here).  Toby isn’t going anywhere as far as the ECT knows – and neither is Toby’s “Open Space Tax” you’re already paying!  Regardless if (1A) passes or not – you’re going to keep paying Taxes for more Eagle County “Open Space”.

Does this (1A) Ballot Issue make any sense to you – Eagle County Taxpayer?  Pay an existing Tax for more “Open Space” at the same time – you’re being asked to pay a NEW TAX designed to buy land – to put Affordable Housing on it?  Honestly, who thinks is is a good idea?  Rod Serling?  Seriously, the ECT is only asking Eagle County voters to THINK ABOUT what you are being asked to pay for.

ECT’s Advice:  Don’t be a “Dummy”.  Understand what you’re being asked to Vote and then Pay for.  Read the Ballot Language.


How one Local Business – is planning for their future

by  Clayton Moore

All businesses (small and large) have the same objective.  Profitability.

Take for example this week – local business Vail Honeywagon vs. Vail Resorts.  What is Honeywagon doing as compared to Vail Resorts – to assure their future Profitability – when faced with all these proposed New Taxes on your Ballot?

Here is your answer:  The ECT learned this week that Honeywagon has decided to increase the cost of their Residential Trash Service by over 14% from ($94.50 to $108.00)

(Side Note)  Did you get at 14% pay raise at work this past year?

ECT also learned this week…that former Vail Honeywagon competitors (MRI and Mountain Waste and Recycling) are now all the same company – Vail Honeywagon.  (Click Here)  Now scroll down to learn what Vail Resorts has done to protect their Profitability.


For their part – Vail Resorts learned what the rest of us learned in May 2016.  Last May Eagle County Voters – voted to support the proposed (2) Tax Increases for the Fire District and Ambulance District – thereby increasing the cost of running Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek.

So what did VR do?

Answer:  They passed on their increase costs – by (now) charging $10.00/per day/per car for (formerly FREE) Skier Parking at  Beaver Creek.  That’s what.

Looking Ahead?  You might want to ask yourself – what the future cost of Skiing at Vail and Beaver Creek might be – should the Eagle County Voters – vote to approve all these proposed Tax Increases.  FACT:  Our School Districts Ballot Issue(s)  (3A & 3B) together constitute the single largest proposed Property Tax Increase in the history of Eagle County…Are YOUR salary increases keeping up – with your cost of living increases?



Eagle County Treasurers Office – Weighs In

by  Clayton Moore

Weights In…On what ECT?

This past week our Eagle County Treasurer’s Office – published a Public Record Document – aimed at promoting their annual “Tax Sale”.

The ECT has given a Name to their Document:  The OFFICIAL list of all Eagle County Businesses and Individuals “least likely to Vote for any new Tax Increase”.

You see, all the names and businesses on the Treasurers (just published) list have the same thing in common:  They are all currently DELIQUENT paying their (current/last years) Eagle County Property Taxes.  (Click Here)

Per Colorado State Statute – all County’s in Colorado can (and do) hold an annual “Tax Sale”.  This is the time of year when any (individual or business) can buy (read: pay someone else’s) Delinquent Property Tax bill.

Why would someone take the time (and their cash) to do that?

Answer:  Because (this year) our Office of the Treasurer (like all Colorado) Counties can legally promise the “investor” a 10% return on their money.  That’s Why.

Background:  Any Property that has a “Tax Lien” against it – cannot have the ownership/title/deed transferred to a new individual (read: new owner) or business until the current “Tax Lien” has been paid for.  Plus 10%…at least in this year.

Contact the Eagle County Treasurer’s Office – for more information.  (Click Here)



Chris Romer’s: Mission Impossible

by   the fans of Bruce Geller and Rod Serling

It’s true.  Every word of if.

The Board of Directors of the Vail Valley Partnership has assigned their President/CEO – Chris Romer a “Mission Impossible”.


VVP Board member – Mike Brumbaugh (Venture Sports) explained this past week that the Board of Directors of the VVP – Voted at their Meeting to “support” BOTH the Affordable Housing Tax (Ballot Issue 1A) and AT THE SAME TIME – “support” the largest Property Tax Increase, ever at ($152 Million Dollars) for our Public School District – (Ballot Issues 3A & 3B).  Indeed, “make local housing more affordable – by making it more expensive to buy and own.”  HUH?  WHAT?   Well…“Good Morning, Mr. Phelps”  Your Mission…

Click Here  Mr. Phelps, to listen to a little audio as you keep reading

Their campaign strategy for succeeding at their assigned Mission Impossible:

1 – Never, Ever under any circumstances, talk about the actual Ballot Language the Voters will be voting on.  Instead use selling terms like “Mill Levy Override” and “New Bonds at low interest rates”.  Insist that “the mill levy override” is important because it focuses on attracting and retaining “quality teachers and staff” – even though no mention of “teachers and their salaries” is specifically mentioned in the 3A nor 3B Ballot Language!

2 –  While supporting the largest Property Tax Increase in the History of Eagle County (3A & 3B) – also promote your new VVP web site – dedicated to raising even more Taxes (Ballot Issue 1a) in order to promote more “Affordable Workforce Housing” – www.VoteYesOn1A.com  (Click Here)

3 –  Discourage any Voter/Property Owner from actually thinking about these two diametrically opposed Eagle County Ballot issues.  God forbid they ever read the actual Ballot Language  – and then Vote.  Insist on “Group Think” and “it’s for our Kids” as the only thing they need to know about.

4 – Stop and Run the other way immediately – if any of our local Public High School Seniors – ask how some of their Parents can actually support (at the same time) two – diametrically opposed issues – promoting more “affordability” by “raising everyones taxes”.  God forbid their quality Public School Education – would ever provoke them  into THINKING and asking an adult Voter a question like that.

To Read Ballot Issue 1A – (Click Here) – Raising Sales Taxes to promote more affordable housing.

To Read Ballot Issue 3A – (Click Here) – School Districts – “2016 to 2023” $8 Million per year – staring in 2017 and lasting each year there after till December 2023.

To Read Ballot Issue 3B – (Click Here) – Raising Property Taxes ($144 Million – for New Bonds with a repayment cost $233 Million) to fund – anything the School District wants.  Read it.

Next Week the ECT will expose some of Mr. Romers  “IMF – Impossible Mission Force – Team Members”.

Sunday’s Epic Hiking on Vail Mountain

Dateline:  Sunday, September 25th 2016 – Vail Mountain, Colorado – Saturday’s rain on the valley floor – left a dusting of snow on our Gore Range.  Remember next Sunday, October 2nd is the last day you can hike Vail Mountain – and still ride down on the Lionshead Gondola!  After next Sunday – you’ll have to wait for the snow to fly to get back on Vail’s Gondola’s.


VVMC – No longer Redacted

by  long time Eagle County local – Chris Neuswanger

Chris Neuswanger’s excellent report to our Community about the (decades long) business practices of the Vail Valley Medical Center (read: Vail Hospital) appeared in the Vail Daily this past Saturday, September 24 2016  (Click Here).

Chris (and the ECT) wanted our Community to have access to his original UNREDACTED report – before the edit team at the Daily – had their way with it.  Recall that VVMC is one of the largest paid print advertisers at the Daily…

Chris-Neuswanger-15MAY2016Chris’s Background:  Chris is a local Mortgage Banker and is use to reading Tax Returns and Financial Statements every day of the week.  He’s very skilled with Accounting.  Chris spent several weeks working on his report and met with the principals (Board Members) at VVMC more than once – to ask direct questions about their Accounting/Reporting and Business Practices – that have resulted in making Eagle County, Colorado the highest cost Health Insurance area in the United States.

To read Chris’s UNREDACTED report to our Community (Click Here) and share with your friends you feel might also be interested.

Chris also has a web site devoted to this topic (read: continuing discussion) of the Vail Valley Medical Center – and their business practices.  Chris has an online Petition you can sign there if you choose.   You can visit Chris’s web site –  here – www.VVMCmoney.com or just (Click Here)

-Clayton Moore

ECT Supports our Public School District – Do YOU?

by  Clayton Moore

For as long as the ECT folks have lived here (20+ years) we have been (and continue to be) strong supporters of our Eagle County Public School District.

In fact – the ECT has put together a small survey of questions – to determine if (you too) are a strong supporter!

Let’s Begin…

Fact:  The Majority of the Property Taxes we all pay in Eagle County today – goes to Funding Public School Education.

1 –  Have you paid your Property Taxes (on time and in full) for each year you’ve owned your Eagle County Property?

2 –  Give yourself Extra Credit if you also own Commercial Property – because Commercial Property is Taxed at a 29% Rate vs. Residential at 7.96%

3 – If you are a RENTER – have you always paid your Rent – on time and in full?  Because your Landlord is responsible to pay the Property Taxes on the property that you Rent!

4 –  Has the Property you own (Commercial or Residential) seen an INCREASE in your Properties “assessed value” over the last several years?  Simply put a “higher assessed value” on your Property – results in Higher Property Taxes you pay – Guaranteed!  Have you paid your Increased Property Taxes on time and in full?

Well – if you, your Family and your Eagle County Business has answered YES to these questions – then the FACT IS – you too are a strong and consistent supporter of our Public School System!

Don’t let anyone in support of $152 Million Dollars of New/Additional Property Taxes in Eagle County (Ballot Questions 3A & 3B) – TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT!!!



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