Town of Turmoil – Avon

by Avon’s founding fathers

What the VD neglected to tell you last week was in addition to Avon’s Outback restaurant closing; last month Avon’s Pizza Hut quietly and permanently closed their doors too. How many more Avon lost jobs in addition to the 40 lost at Outback, the ECT doesn’t know. Avon’s City Council now apparently busy with their work to pass $100 Million in proposed new taxes this November – apparently so we can all have town buses to shuttle us between empty Avon businesses…

ECT readers know that we have been very critical of Avon’s Mayor and City Council for months, and now it seems voters all up and down the valley agree with the ECT. We’ll prove it. What you’ve been told is that Avon’s Mayor lost last Tuesday’s Water Election – his opponent getting 72% of all votes cast. What you weren’t told was that of all the polling places voters went to vote; Avon is where Avon’s Mayor got the LEAST number of votes – 9 vs. the 40 votes the Mayor’s opponent received in the Mayor’s home town! (Click Here) for that proof.

It’s time for change in Avon, and that time is right now. The ECT now presents our plan to take Avon away from the current path of confused direction lost businesses, litigation and millions in proposed new Avon taxes, and set Avon on a desperately needed new course.

Step 1: Avon’s Mayor needs to resign immediately. Avon can little afford to wait till November when terms limits do to the Mayor, what needs to be done, right now. Current Councilmember and former Mayor Buz Reynolds needs to be appointed our new Mayor, now.

Step 2: Councilmember Brian Sipes needs to resign as well. Mr. Sipes little publicized move to Denver (as a result of changes in his family’s employment) demands this resignation. Avon’s Town Charter clearly states that all Council members must permanently reside in Avon, not somewhere else.

Step 3: All current litigation against Avon must stop, and be replaced by mediation. Right now. Avon can little afford the ($10,000/month?) legal fees when Avon’s Town staff has already suffered pay cuts, and long standing Avon sales tax generating businesses are leaving now at the apparent rate of – one a month. ECT knows local, concerned folks willing to step in and help make this mediation successful.

Step 4: All talk of any proposed new Avon taxes on this November’s ballot must stop. Avon’s Jamie Walker needs to issue a press release to that effect, and state that Avon’s new direction encourages new businesses, not wasteful talk about multi-million dollar pet-projects designed to melt snow on Avon’s (soon to be vacant?) streets.

Step 5: The new Council needs to get Avon’s citizens directly involved in the process of rebuilding the Town. Clearly the results of the latest Water Board election show that Avon voters perceive the Mayor and in turn, the majority of the members of Avon’s City Council as arrogant, not listening and only interested in raising taxes for their ‘pet projects’ – certainly not interested in doing what’s best for Avon, it’s businesses and already overburdened taxpayers.

Time for you to step aside, Mayor Ron, Avon can little afford the economic cost of Avon waiting till November.

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  1. I remember when the county commissioners and former mayor told an open house about 6 years ago that “we need illegals to keep this town from going dead”

    sounds like it already is going dead.

    ML knows about this. and the Vail Daily just ignored it.

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  4. Yes to — “remember when the county commissioners and former mayor told an open house about 6 years ago that “we need illegals to keep this town from going dead” sounds like it already is going dead. ML knows about this. and the Vail Daily just ignored it. ”

    ( re the VD and Eagle schools too – always follow the money)

    PS Where is Arn of late?

    This is the NPR Arn Menconi (Abbreviated) transcripts–

    re all Vail workers–all wooed illegal aliens here—
    National Public Radio – NPR

    Saturday, February 21, 2004

    JOHN BURNETT reporting: : American employers are hooked on cheap immigrant labor, both legal and illegal, but a longtime housekeeping supervisor in Vail offers a cautionary word to the backers of a new guest worker program. She says back in 1986 when immigration reform granted amnesty to more than two million undocumented immigrants, guess what was the first thing her Mexican hotel maids did when they got their papers? Many quit their jobs and looked for better ones. And what did the employer do? Rather than raise salaries, she replaced them with new immigrants who were, as she said, hungrier for the work.

    SCOTT SIMON, host: This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I’m Scott Simon.

    The national debate over illegal immigration is playing out in the trendy ski resorts of the Colorado Rockies. Towns such as Vail, Aspen and Steamboat Springs have become dependent on immigrant labor for service jobs.

    BURNETT: Arn Menconi is an Eagle County commissioner in Avon, not far from Vail. In the summer of 2001, Menconi and other officials from the resort region went to Washington to lobby the US Labor Department for a guest worker program.

    Comm. MENCONI: People are afraid to drive, afraid to go to the hospital, afraid to tell the police or sheriff of some kind of abuse that’s taking place because they’re afraid that they would be deported… “This county is dependent on immigrant labor. It’s a quarter of our population.

    BURNETT: Representative Tom Tancredo, a Republican from central Colorado, blames the surging population of foreign workers on the government for not doing a better job enforcing immigration laws and on employers. Tancredo is the most outspoken advocate for immigration control in Congress.

    Representative TOM TANCREDO (Republican, Colorado): I think I even remember a ski industry before we had massive immigration of illegal people into the country.

    BURNETT: Indeed. Listen to Sandra, who we met at the beginning of this piece, and her friend Francesca(ph). Both are illegal, both Mexican and both work in the kitchen of a popular Vail restaurant.

    FRANCESCA: (Through Translator) We’re not taking work from anybody. We’re not doing anything bad.

    SANDRA: (Through Translator) Because an American won’t do what we do, not for what they pay us.

    BIANCA: Wal-Mart. I’m cashier at Wal-Mart.

    BURNETT: You’re a cashier at Wal-Mart, too.

  5. Its not just that illegals take jobs away from LEGAL citizens, its that they also use up the infrastructure that US TAX PAYERS HAVE TO PAY FOR. Things like water, sewer, electric roads, schools, prisons, jails, hospitals, etc. etc.




  6. Yes…. current list of ‘bennies’ (U.S. taxpayer paid) just for Migrant workers children for example:

    1) Migrant children and youths are also allowed to receive services after their eligibility ends-

    2) Education of Migrants – Migrant Families, School Programs for Migrant Students, In the Classroom, National and State Programs

    Quality programs for migrant students generally include
    # Enhanced reading and math instruction.
    # English as a Second Language (ESL) and/or bilingual instruction.
    # Tutoring.
    # Classroom aides.
    # Summer programs.
    # Guidance and counseling.
    # Parent outreach.
    # Social work.
    # Clothing.
    # Nutrition.
    # Transportation.
    # Dental and medical services.
    # Accommodations for enrollment, credit accrual, and transfer.

    Federal MEP funds-U.S. Department of Education’s Migrant Education Program

    Funding from several smaller federal grant programs also reaches many migrant students.

    * Migrant Head Start (MHS) provides comprehensive pre-school and daycare programs.

    * The Migrant Education Even Start (MEES) program helps migrant families break the cycles of poverty and illiteracy through programs for early childhood education, adult basic education, and parent education.

    * The High School Equivalency Program (HEP) provides grants to colleges, universities, and community organizations to help migrants obtain a General Educational Development Diploma (GED) and prepare them for college or the workplace.

    * College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) grants help colleges and universities provide financial and academic assistance to migrant students in their first year.

    Once a migrant student is enrolled, the school must determine if the regular school program will be sufficient, or if additional services are required. In many cases formal assessments must be administered to determine language proficiency, grade-level placement, and the need for special education services.

    In the Classroom Services for migrants may be provided by specialized personnel such as

    * bilingual instructors,

    * remedial instructors,

    * counselors,

    * summer school teachers,

  7. Illegals actually pay tax, which is withheld from their pay and they never see again. Also, isn’t most tax revenue derived from sales tax? Everyone pays that.

  8. They pay taxes–and then they usually get back more money than they paid in.

    For example, Weld County, those 1300 identity theft illegal aliens not only created huge legal headaches for the rightful SS owners tax-wise, with IRS due bill’s, but here are three of those illegals tax Returns-they MADE money from our tax dollars!

    ( And the poor guy who had his SSN stolen which started this?
    -Weld identity theft probe began in El Paso, Texas-
    – 1999 The real Jose Lopez receives a bill from the Internal Revenue Service, stating he owes $12,000 in back taxes for the year. Lopez, a part-time ranch hand, made only $10,000 that year.
    – 2007: Lopez gets another bill from the IRS, this time stating he owes them another $11,000)
    ILLEGALS INCOME per their tax returns in CO
    (MONEY made, not PAID! in the millions btw! All their dependents are credited even when they live in another country & are * unverified* as real people!)
    Colorado illegal # 1
    Taxable income $0
    Federal tax withholding $131

    * Refund $1,136
    Colorado illegal # 2
    Taxable income $3,241
    Federal tax withholding $756

    * Refund $4,062
    Colorado illegal # 3
    Taxable income $15,948
    Federal tax withholding $3,864

    * Refund $5,205

    SOURCE: Weld District Attorney’s Office

    PS The Mexican consulate will emphasize that the consulate will guarantee that the legal process represents the detainees’ rights re the investigation into 1,300 possible cases of criminal impersonation and identity theft relating to tax returns

  9. FYI … concerning “illegals”, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, most of Colorado, and parts of Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Kansas, all of which are Union states, were part of Mexico. This is also called the American Southwest territory. Division culminated in the Mexican-American War.

    It might be interesting to note that this territory was also part of the Viceroyalty of (New Spain), the formal name for New Spain, until 1821.

    So who is illegal now? The indigenous before you? Indigenous people are people defined in international or national legislation as having a set of specific rights based on their historical ties to a particular territory, and their cultural or historical distinctiveness from other populations that are often politically dominant.[1] The concept of indigenous people defines these groups as particularly vulnerable to exploitation, marginalization and oppression by nation states that may still be formed from the colonising populations, or by politically dominant ethnic groups. As a result, a special set of political rights in accordance with international law have been set forth by international organizations such as the United Nations, the International Labour Organization and the World Bank.[2] The United Nations has issued a Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to guide member-state national policies to collective rights of indigenous people—such as culture, identity, language, and access to employment, health, education, and natural resources. Although no definitive definition of “indigenous peoples” exists, estimates put the total population of indigenous peoples from 220 million to 350 million

      • If you read what I posted you will understand your above mentioned list pertains not to Eagle county and the above opinions.. I simply stated facts pertaining to Colorado and surrounding areas. Now back to point, we should all reflect on labels we issue! After all what is your heritage? Mine, Chiricahua Apache. It would be nice to celebrate my beautiful indigenous native culture but as history fails to describe, it has almost cease to exist. Thank you US Army.. must be why I joined and served 10 years in the US NAVY.

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